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If Wishes Were...Husbands

by Debbi Rawlins

Three Coins in a Fountain

Gina, Libby and Jessie

Three women, three wishes…

Three Coins in a Fountain

When lovelorn Gina Hart recklessly wished to become a nun, the last thing she expected was to immediately meet...

If He Only Knew...

by Debbi Rawlins

She like the perfect lady!

As far as New York City attorney Cody Shea could see, Sara Wells was a model temp. She had brains and beauty—in fact, if he hadn't been her boss, there were a few highly improper things...

Hot Spot

by Debbi Rawlins

Hot Spot by Debbi Rawlins released on Mar 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

The Honeymoon That Wasn't

by Debbi Rawlins

The Honeymoon That Wasn't by Debbi Rawlins released on Dec 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

His Royal Prize

by Debbi Rawlins

Texas Sheikhs: Though their veins course with royal blood, their pride lies in the Texas land they call home!


Dashing bachelor prince Sharif Asad Al Farid swept onto the Desert Rose ranch, his...

He's All That

by Debbi Rawlins

Rich girls do it best! At least, that's how Victoria Whitford's selling it. Sure, she's triumphantly returned home to take over the family empire, but before everything gets settled, she's treating herself to...

Harlequin Blaze March 2015 Box Set

by Sara Jane Stone, Kira Sinclair, Debbi Rawlins & Kelli Ireland

Harlequin Blaze brings you four new red-hot reads for one great price, available now! This Harlequin Blaze bundle includes Search and Seduce by Sara Jane Stone, Under the Surface by Kira Sinclair, Anywhere with...

Hands On

by Debbi Rawlins

Hands On by Debbi Rawlins released on Oct 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Good To Be Bad

by Debbi Rawlins

Karrie Albright has never been bad before…but that's not going to stop her now! Suddenly reunited with a college heartthrob means she's found her “man to do.” And the chance to turn the night that never...

A Glimpse of Fire

by Debbi Rawlins

A Glimpse of Fire by Debbi Rawlins released on May 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Educating Gina

by Debbi Rawlins

Educating Gina by Debbi Rawlins released on Nov 15, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Delicious Do-Over

by Debbi Rawlins

On the cusp of a new business venture, überpractical accountant Lindsey Shaw has reluctantly let her friends talk her into a "second spring break" in Hawaii. Now she's in Waikiki…and even reuniting with her...

The Cowboy and the Centerfold

by Debbi Rawlins

Valentine's Men

A trustin' Texan…

One minute Cash McCloud was a fine, upstanding cowboy in Maybe, Texas, and the next he was guilty of harboring a centerfold. He thought he'd hired a matronly tutor for his teenage...

Come On Over

by Debbi Rawlins

Staking her claim! 

Horse trainer Trent Kimball is starting to believe his family's ranch is actually cursed. Still, it's a place to recover from both his recent divorce and a humiliating professional setback....

By the Sheikh's Command

by Debbi Rawlins

Return to the scene of scandals and seduction in this follow-up to the bestselling TEXAS SHEIKHS series.

The Temptation He could have a harem of women, yet Prince Rafe Braham desired only one: Brianna Taylor....

The Bride To Be... Or Not To Be?

by Debbi Rawlins

The Showers forecast calls for flurries of wedding jitters, with the bride melting from a one-man heat wave!

She made it to the bridal shower…

Kelly St. James dreamt of small town life with steady, reliable Gary....

Barefoot Blue Jean Night

by Debbi Rawlins

Destination: Sundance Dude Ranch—Blackfoot Falls, Montana

Activities: Horseback riding, rodeos, guided hikes…and lots of cowboy action!

The moment she sees the ad for Sundance Dude Ranch—featuring the rugged...

Anywhere with You

by Debbi Rawlins

Getting in bed with the law 

There's a new deputy in Blackfoot Falls—and she just gave stuntman Ben Wolf a speeding ticket! That wasn't exactly the welcome-home Ben was hoping for. After fifteen years away,...

Anything Goes...

by Debbi Rawlins

Seven days of sun, sand and sex, sex, sex! That's exactly what Carly Saunders needs—anonymous sex…and lots of it. She has one week of hedonism before she heads home to a teaching job—and her place as the...

All or Nothing

by Debbi Rawlins

It's impossible to miss Dana McGuire, with her long blond hair and legs up to there. Everyone thought she would be a superstar—including, until recently, Dana herself. But working as a personal trainer at a...