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Cowboy at the Crossroads & That Cowboy's Kids: Cowboy at the Crossroads\That Cowboy's Kids

by Linda Warren & Debra Salonen

Cowboy at the Crossroads by Linda Warren

Five-year-old Nicki Prescott isn't coping well with her mother's death—she's withdrawn, refusing to eat or leave her room. In desperation her father, Cordell Prescott,...

The Quiet Child

by Debra Salonen

Meet The Four Radonovic Sisters. Their Gypsy Mother Has A Prophecy For Each Of Her Daughters…

Alex's prophecy: A child's laughter can heal a wounded heart, but first you have to heal the child.

Alex Radonovic...

Picture-Perfect Mom

by Debra Salonen

Only in Hollywood would someone like Mac McGannon fall for someone like Morgana Carlyle. After all, he's a struggling miner trying to be a single dad and she's a celebrity who's been on magazine covers. She's...

That Cowboy's Kids

by Debra Salonen

Victim advocate Abby Davis wants a new job. One that involves shorter hours and less stress. But she's never been able to ignore a family in trouble. And the handsome cowboy waiting outside her office with his...

Father's Quest

by Debra Salonen

Jonas Galloway wouldn't show up on Remy Bouchard's doorstep without an excellent reason. Not after a secret destroyed what was so good between them. In this case, though, locating his daughter trumps unfinished...

Until He Met Rachel

by Debra Salonen

Rufus Miller is a mystery.

It's the one fact the entire town of Sentinel Pass can agree on. And Rufus has no intentions of solving the riddle. He likes his privacy. His cabin and his work suit him just fine,...

His Daddy's Eyes

by Debra Salonen

Judge Lawrence Bishop has a bright political future. But there's one thing that could come back to haunt him. Two years ago he spent a ski weekend in the arms of a sexy stranger. Now he needs to find the woman...

Return to the Black Hills

by Debra Salonen

What do a South Dakota rancher and a Hollywood stuntwoman have in common—outside their landlord-tenant relationship? Not much. But from the moment Cade Garrity meets Jessie Bouchard, he's captivated. Although...

Something About Eve

by Debra Salonen

Eve Masterson is missing

The successful, attractive TV personality quit her prestigious network job in New York for a mysterious "dream job" in Atlanta. Now she seems to have vanished from the airwaves, and nobody's...

Bringing Baby Home

by Debra Salonen

Meet The Four Radonovic Sisters. Their Gypsy Mother Has A Prophecy For Each Of Her Daughters…

Liz's prophecy: A man of darkness. A child of light. You'll be able to only save one.

Right from the start, Liz knew...

One Daddy Too Many

by Debra Salonen

Meet The Four Radonovic Sisters. Their Gypsy Mother Has A Prophecy For Each Of Her Daughters…

Kate's prophecy: You can't escape your destiny or avoid the past…when the two intersect

Kate's ex-husband is being...

Without a Past

by Debra Salonen

Andrea—the middle Sullivan triplet—is intrigued by the mysterious stranger working on her brother-in-law's ranch. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Harley Forester's no cowboy. He doesn't talk like...

My Husband, My Babies

by Debra Salonen

All her life, Jenny Sullivan has counted on her sisters for advice, opinions and suggestions. But this time she's facing a dilemma that threatens to devastate her world. And this time the decision has to be...

Wonders Never Cease

by Debra Salonen

His dog is playing matchmaker…

Officer Ben Jacobs and his canine partner, Czar—the newest members of the Bullion Police Department—should have no problem proving themselves to the citizens and mayor of the...

The Comeback Girl

by Debra Salonen

Kristin Sullivan has come home to set things right. She needs to reconnect with her family and she needs to introduce her son to his father. But coming back to Gold Creek means facing another man. Deputy Donnie...

A Cowboy Summer

by Debra Salonen

Anne Fraser can't refuse her stepfather's request to manage his ranch while he's away, but she has reservations about taking her daughter back to Nevada for the summer. Especially when she discovers that her...

Betting on Grace

by Debra Salonen

The prophecy: You will marry a prince—but you will have to save him first.

Las Vegas restaurateur Grace Radonovic is more than a little surprised when her late father's friend proposes marriage. Wanting to be...

Caleb's Christmas Wish

by Debra Salonen

Dear Santa: I need a new mommy and daddy. God took mine to heaven, and they can't come back. Ally and Jake are taking care of me now. Can you please make them stay forever? That's all I want for Christmas. Thank...

His Real Father

by Debra Salonen

Three's a crowd

No one ever confused the Kelly brothers, especially Lisa Malden. Even if they hadn't been fraternal twins, there wouldn't have been a problem. They were nothing alike. Joe was quiet, and Patrick...

Finding Their Son

by Debra Salonen

Eli Robideaux in her shop asking to "borrow" money is not how Char Jones imagined their reunion. Her dreams were more the I've-come-to-my-senses variety than the gimme-your-cash kind. Regardless, it seems Char's...