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Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum: A Brief Edition of Thought & Knowledge

by Diane F. Halpern

Consider that many of the people who are alive today will be working at jobs that do not currently exist and that the explosion of information means that today's knowledge will quickly become outdated. As a...

Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

by Diane F. Halpern

This best-selling textbook, written by award-winning educator and past president of the American Psychological Association, Diane F. Halpern, applies theory and research from the learning sciences to teach students...

Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities

by Diane F. Halpern

The fourth edition of Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities critically examines the breadth of research on this complex and controversial topic, with the principal aim of helping the reader to understand where...

Women at the Top

by Diane F. Halpern & Fanny M. Cheung

Using case studies of top-level women and research in the field, Women at the Top breaks new ground and offers new insight into how women can create dually-successful lives.

  • explores the work histories, motivation,...