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Troop 402

by Donald Ladew

When a commuter plane crashes in a violent storm in the Canadian Rockies, four unlikely passengers must find a way to survive. Each will be tested in ways that can't imagine.

Their chances seem impossible at...

Mysteries Unlimited Ltd.

by Donald Ladew

Mysteries Unlimited Ltd is the name of a small company that answers questions of any kind, no matter how strange or even dangerous. Occasionally they take projects that cause even the redoubtable owner and Willie...


by Donald Ladew

A group of powerful industrialists control key members of government agencies who disburse funds .

They handle any dissent through a network of psychiatric clinics around the country. Their solutions end in...

South of the Ecliptic

by Donald Ladew

South of the Ecliptic description:

South of the Ecliptic is a science fiction military adventure that tells the story of the resurgence and finally the reinstatement of the Mars Legion.

Having unwisely chosen...

For a Good Time Call...

by Donald Ladew

William Fennimore is bored and depressed. He is a short man trapped in a tall world. While at a bus stop, waiting for his ride, he notices a perfectly written, copperplate script ad on the wall of the bus stop....


by Donald Ladew

An inspirational story of love and the transforming power of music, Stradivarius is a novel that will engage and delight everyone who believes that wonderful things can happen to good people.

On the Korean peninsula...

No Human Contact

by Donald Ladew

Vincent Vankelis has no family, none. He visits families but is never seen doing so. It is a solution to loneliness. It all changes when his "visit" is ruined by a meeting of criminals nearby.

And again it happens...