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Ghost Trap

Ghost Whisperer #1

by Doranna Durgin

Since she was a little girl, Melinda Gordon could talk to the dead: "earthbound spirits" as her grandmother called them. Melinda came to understand that the spirits are trapped, and in need. She listens, tries...

Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Trap

by Doranna Durgin

Since she was a little girl, Melinda Gordon could talk to the dead: "earthbound spirits" as her grandmother called them. Melinda came to understand that the spirits are trapped, and in need. She listens, tries...

Tooth and Claw

by Doranna Durgin

Ntignano was a populated world with a perfect sun -- until the right technology fell into the wrong hands. Now the sun is failing quickly, and the Starship Enterprise™ has just one chance to evacuate the þeeing...

Dark Debts

Mage Knight #2

by Doranna Durgin

Inspired by the popular game, the adventure continues as the mighty force of change rages across the Atlantean Empire—and exiles mount a sinister campaign of their own. . . .


As the dedicated...

Ghost Whisperer: Revenge

Ghost Whisperer #3

by Doranna Durgin

On a chilly spring night in Grandview, reformed tough guy Gordon Reese makes a final break with his old ways, bidding farewell to his roughneck buddies at The Whetstone Bar. But a vicious killer makes certain...

Sentinels: Leopard Enchanted (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Doranna Durgin

Her Sworn Enemy… Or Her Fearless Protector?

Spy Ana Dikau is gathering information about technician Ian Scott – a Sentinel who takes the form of a snow leopard. But Ana doesn’t realise that the amulet...

Sentinels: Wolf Hunt

by Doranna Durgin

A majestic wolf prowls the halls of power, protecting his pack of shape-shifters from those who would harm them.

But a wolf is not meant to hunt alone…

Nick Carter hides his wildness under expensive suits,...

Sentinels: Tiger Bound

by Doranna Durgin

Like the Siberian tiger he can transform into, Maks Altán is a strong, ferocious fighter who's incredibly protective of his Sentinel kin. But thanks to a debilitating injury, he feels anything but fierce. That...

Sentinels: Lion Heart

by Doranna Durgin

Joe Ryan's lion heart is as rocky and impenetrable as the Arizona mountains he protects. Although no one could ever prove that the muscular Sentinel agent was involved in his former partner's death, Ryan's dark...

Sentinels: Jaguar Night

by Doranna Durgin

At dusk he prowled the Southwest, a huge, sleek black jaguar with startling blue eyes and a man's thoughts. A shape-shifting Sentinel, Dolan Treviño projected an intensely animalistic aura that hid the scars...

Sentinels: Alpha Rising

by Doranna Durgin

Time is running out for the Alpha to seduce his reluctant houseguest… 

Holly Faulkes's entire life had been spent in hiding, steering clear of the Sentinels. But now she is their prisoner, kept by Lannie Stewart,...

Harlequin Nocturne February 2015 Box Set

by Doranna Durgin & Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Do you harbor passionate otherworldly desires where the normal and paranormal collide? Let Harlequin® Nocturne bring you into dark and dangerous territory where your senses will be awakened. This Harlequin®...

Sentinels: Alpha Rising (Mills & Boon Nocturne) (Sentinels, Book 7)

by Doranna Durgin

The Alpha’s reluctant houseguest…

Holly Faulkes’s life had been spent in hiding from the Sentinels. But now she is their prisoner, kept by Lannie Stewart, an undeniably sexy alpha wolf determined to initiate...

Night of the Shifter: The Shifter's Kiss / The Darkest Embrace / Cougar's Conquest / Night of the Tiger / Tempting the Jaguar (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Caridad Pineiro, Megan Hart, Linda O. Johnston & Doranna Durgin et al.

Under the cover of

darkness secrets

are exposed…

When these shifters reveal their true natures, they get into some serious trouble! They may be haunted by erotic dreams and suffer from volcanic desires, but...

Sentinels: Lynx Destiny (Mills & Boon Nocturne) (Sentinels, Book 6)

by Doranna Durgin

To defeat a deadly enemy

Forced to return to her family cabin deep in the Sacramento Mountains, Regan Adler is determined to keep her visit brief. Voices that drove her mother crazy are now threatening to...

Introduction to Romance: A Bargain with the Enemy / A SEAL's Salvation / Daring to Trust the Boss / Back in Her Husband's Bed / The Major's Wife / Undercover Captor / No Time like Mardi Gras / Tempted by Dr. Morales / Sentinels: Lynx Destiny / Cavana

by Carole Mortimer, Tawny Weber, Susan Meier & Andrea Laurence et al.

10 Fantastic books to sweep you off your feet! Our writers wondered ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely if…?’ See where their imaginations took them.

You’ll find every kind of romance from an intense passionate...

Demon Heart: Demon Touch / Dark Hunter's Touch / Heart of the Hunter / The Demon's Forbidden Passion / Demon Love (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Doranna Durgin, Jessa Slade, Vivi Anna & Zoey Williams et al.

In cities where demons lurk, hidden amongst the human realm, these seductively handsome strangers prove to be terrifying threats. With demon hunters driven to fight evil, there are dire consequences for any...

Exception to the Rule (Mills & Boon Silhouette)

by Doranna Durgin

You can't go home again…

But apparently Kimmer Reed had to. The government had hidden a young computer mastermind who held the key to the country's defense right in Kimmer's hometown. Now, if the Hunter Agency's...

Comeback (Mills & Boon Silhouette)

by Doranna Durgin


Her intervention in a hostage crisis had made her an instant hero. But Selena Shaw Jones still had nightmares. Now the CIA had approached her...

Checkmate (Mills & Boon Silhouette)

by Doranna Durgin

A Middle Eastern capitol building has been captured by insurgents. The prime minister, his staff and a group of visiting college students have become disposable hostages. But what the rebels don't know is that...