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A Hobbit Devotional: Bilbo Baggins and the Bible

by Ed Strauss

If you enjoy J. R. R. Tolkien--even if you're new to his classic stories--you'll love A Hobbit Devotional featuring 60 humorous, challenging, and encouraging devotionals. Soon to be a major motion picture, The...

365 Great Moments in Bible History: Key Events That Affected Humanity's Future

by Ed Strauss

History is His story-the account of God's working in and among humanity. 365 Great Moments in Bible History highlights world-changing events, both famous and unknown. From God's creation of light in Genesis...

Good Always Wins: Thru Tragedy, Thru Evil, Thru All Eternity

by Ed Strauss

If God really cares about people, why does He allow terrorism, disease, war, and financial hardships? Good Always Wins honestly tackles these very tough questions. 

Why Prayer Makes Sense: In the Bible, in History, in Your Life Today

by Ed Strauss

Does prayer really matter? Absolutely—and this book will show you why praying makes sense, in the Bible, in history, and in your life today.



Bible Wisdom for Your Life--Men's Edition: Hundreds of Key Scriptures

by Ed Strauss

Men have questions? God has answers! Bible Wisdom for Your Life: Men's Edition is a compilation of hundreds of Bible verses, categorized under dozens of key life topics.


Why the Bible Makes Sense: As History, As Ultimate Truth, As Guide for Life

by Ed Strauss

There’s a reason the Bible has stood the test of time—actually, many reasons. And Why the Bible Makes Sense explains just why you can trust God’s Word.



What the Bible Says About Heaven: Encouraging Insights and Inspiration

by Ed Strauss

When you need a quick Bible reference on heaven, turn to the topically arranged  scriptures, biblical insights, and quotes from Christian leaders in What the Bible Says about Heaven.  

The Bible Brief: A Concise and Powerful Guide for Understanding God's Word

by Jean Fischer, Tracy M. Sumner & Ed Strauss

Want a guide to what’s really important in scripture? Try The Bible Brief, a three-in-one collection of books that highlight the vital details of God’s Word.



Why Should I Believe the Bible?: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to Scripture's Trustworthiness

by Ed Strauss & John A. Beck

Can you really trust the Bible? And if so, and you really understand it? The answer to both questions is yes—as this book makes plain.



Answers to Your Bible Questions: 75 Reasons to Believe Scripture's Truth and Trustworthiness

by Ed Strauss

Can we trust the Bible’s claims of truth? Does it really make sense? How do we know where it came from? Get clear, easy-to-read answers here!



Your Faith: An Easy-To-Understand Guide to Christianity and Key Bible Topics

by Ed Strauss

To really understand the Christian life, read Your Faith—An Easy-to-Understand Guide to Christianity and Key Bible Topics. It’s a combination of popular books that makes the faith clear!



Explore Your Faith: What You Believe and Why

by Ed Strauss

When you have questions about your faith, turn to Explore Your Faith—it provides concise, biblical answers to 75 common questions about the Christian faith. This easy-to-understand guide to faith addresses...

God's Wisdom for Your Life: Men's Edition: 1,000 Key Scriptures

by Ed Strauss

Men have questions? God has answers! God's Wisdom for Your Life: Men’s Edition is a compilation of more than 1,000 Bible verses, categorized under 70 key life topics. Drawing from varied Bible translations...

150 Need-to-Know Bible Facts: Key Truths for Better Living

by Ed Strauss

What’s really important in the Bible? Find out with 150 Need-to-Know Bible Facts, a powerful new survey of scripture truth featuring a devotional flair. In quick, easy-to-read fashion, this little book provides...

The Movie Lover's Devotional

by Ed Strauss & Kevin Miller

If you like movies, you’ll love The Movie Lover’s Devotional—a collection of 60 readings that draw engaging, contemporary spiritual points from film. From 2001: A Space Odyssey to The Wizard of Oz, from...