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Ellie Belly: Cat's Out of the Bag

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Am I in trouble again? What a CATastrophe! The principal caught me wandering around school with Cammy after recess. We didn't mean to be naughty. REALLY! What happened was, we found a little...

Ellie Belly: A Little Bit Batty

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Today is the WORST day ever. Our nice form teacher Mrs Goh had to go on something called a course. So Class 1J has a relief teacher and her name is Mrs Batt. I think that Mrs Batt has GONE...

Ellie Belly: Mousey Mayhem: Mousey Mayhem

by Eliza Teoh

The 6th book in the national best-selling Ellie Belly series! I am Ellie Belly! I have a BIG small problem! My best friend Cammy finds a baby mouse in Class 1J! He says his whole family is trapped! What are...

Ellie Belly: Huffy Puffy Panda

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. I am going to the zoo! Class 1J is having a super exciting day today. We are on a field trip to see the giant pandas, Wan Wan and En En! But wait… what’s that sound? First, I hear a GRR!...

Ellie Belly: Turtle Trouble

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Everyone is MAD at me. The turtles at The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum are going to lose their home! How do I know? Because a little turtle told me. REALLY! I need to help the turtles! But...

Ellie Belly: Follow that Bird!

by Eliza Teoh, Wolfe & Rachel Liam

I am Ellie Belly. I am 7 years old. I am in Class 1J. My best friend is Cammy. I LOVE to doodle in class when Teacher is not looking. And my BIG secret is this: I can talk to animals! Really! One day, I hear...