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The Lady and the Pirate

by Emerson Hough

Swash-buckling adventure on the high seas, passionate romance between star-crossed lovers -- The Lady and the Pirate has it all. This popular novel from American writer Emerson Hough is a fun read for pirate...

The Mississippi Bubble

by Emerson Hough

The Mississippi Bubble - The Granddaddy of Financial Disasters In 1716 France was broke. A series of wars waged by Louis XIV had left the economy in ruins, the king in debt, and the government coffers empty....

The Way to the West : And the Lives of Three Early Americans, Boone-Crockett-Carson (Illustrated)

by Emerson Hough

"I ask you to look at this splendid tool, the American ax, not more an implement of labor than an instrument of civilization. If you can not use it, you are not American. If you do not understand it, you can...

The Story of the Outlaw: True Tales of Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Other Desperadoes

by Emerson Hough

Recounted mainly by the outlaws themselves along with eyewitnesses to their deeds, these tales chronicle the lives and crimes of Billy the Kid, Frank and Jesse James, and other legendary figures of the Old West....

The Way of a Man

by Emerson Hough

Emerson Hough was a fascinating figure and prolific author of classic Western novels. Engrossed by the idea of the Wild West, the young law school graduate from the Midwest pulled up stakes and made his way...

The Covered Wagon

by Emerson Hough

Acclaimed Western writer Emerson Hough died only days after attending the premiere of the movie based on his novel The Covered Wagon. The story follows a caravan of early settlers as they make their way from...

The Story of the Outlaw: A Study of Western Desperado

by Emerson Hough

Though born in Iowa, author Emerson Hough moved to rural New Mexico and practiced as a frontier lawyer there for many years. Along the way, he met some very interesting characters, including many of the Wild...

The Magnificent Adventure: Being the Story of the World's Greatest Exploration and the Romance of a Very Gallant Gentleman

by Emerson Hough

Eccentric pioneer lawyer Emerson Hough made his literary mark as a writer of classic Western tales, but some of his most critically acclaimed works are fictionalized accounts of key events in American history....

The Way Out

by Emerson Hough

“HUSH! Stop it, Davy. He’s a-comin’!” The old woman who spoke—a wrinkled dame she was, bowed down by years and infirmity, her face creased by a thousand grimed-in, wrinkled lines—moved with an odd...