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Beck and Call

by Eric Alagan

Edwin Tyler, fired unfairly during the recession, launches a chain of coffee shops with venture capitalist funds. However, his childhood nemesis, Roy, now a powerful businessman with connections to the underworld,...

Code Shield: A Peek into Singapore's Secret Services

by Eric Alagan

A sovereign fund, Tengli, loses its bid to buy IndoTel, an Indonesian telecoms player. Russian Mafiya-backed interests acquire IndoTel, pointing to a Mole within the Singapore establishment. Tara Banks, an undercover...

Increase F&B Sales: Secrets to Boost Profits

by Eric Alagan

Increase F&B Sales is not a cookbook - it's a book for managers and owners of F&B outlets. Escalating costs cut into profits. This leads some F&B operators to raise prices, reduce portions, drop quality or resort...

Staff Selection: Secrets to Employ the Best People

by Eric Alagan

Employee Capability Factor - Do you know what that means? How do you identify an employee's Capability Factor, How do you determine your team's Capability Factor, How do you maintain or better still improve...

Property Valuation: Secrets of the Roman Decision Model

by Eric Alagan

Ignore "affordability" and focus on "fair value" - why pay a $1 million just because one can "afford" it when the property is worth only $750,000.00? Helps you value property consistently and objectively using...