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Colorado Dawn: Love Lights the Way for Three Historical Brides

by Erica Vetsch

In a rugged and beautiful untouched land, God lights the way for love, despite the resolve of three Colorado men.

Great Plains Brides: Two Historical Romances

by Ramona K. Cecil & Erica Vetsch

Visit the Great Plains in two historical romances where shady pasts and family secrets threaten to undo love for a female photographer and a farmer’s daughter.

Sagebrush Knights

by Erica Vetsch

Head to Wyoming Territory with the four Gerhard sisters as they search for their knights-in-shining-armor. Will love prevail or bring a not so happy ending?

Marriage Masquerade

by Erica Vetsch

A Truly Yours Digital Edition. . .Captain Noah Kennebrae can no longer deal with the shame and guilt from the wreck of his ship. So he changes his name and takes a job as assistant lighthouse keeper on Sutton...

A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas

by Erica Vetsch

Blaze into Dodge City, where a deputy and a photographer join forces to catch a murderer. Will they flush out the killer before becoming his next victims?

The Cactus Creek Challenge

by Erica Vetsch

When Cassie and Ben are picked to participate in the annual Cactus Creek Challenge, the schoolmarm and sheriff square off in a battle of wills that becomes a battle for their hearts.

Light to My Path

by Erica Vetsch

Eldora Carter—jobless, homeless, and family-less—suddenly finds herself escorting three orphaned children cross-country on the train from Missouri to Colorado. What should have been an easy job, however,...

The Engineered Engagement

by Erica Vetsch

A Kennebrae keeps his word…. But Grandfather made the promise, and Eli Kennebrae is expected to carry it out.  Josie Zahn has admired Eli from a distance for years, but he hardly knows she exists other than...

A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California

by Erica Vetsch

When her brother is injured fighting in France, Meghan enlists her fellow Harvey Girl waitresses to sew a Red Cross signature quilt to raise money for wounded doughboys. Local horse breeder Caleb McBride longs...

Stars in Her Eyes

by Erica Vetsch

Pastor Silas Hamilton is determined to let love take God’s course, but when he falls for actress Willow Starr, is he willing to give his heart?


North Star Brides

by Erica Vetsch

Minnesota tycoon Abraham Kennebrae is in the business of love when he plans to marry his grandsons to the wealthiest heiresses in town. The trouble is the brothers and their future brides aren’t happy about...

Golden State Brides

by Keli Gwyn & Erica Vetsch

Bask in two historical romances from sunny California. A willful widow and a determined merchant find themselves fighting for a town’s business—and against their growing attraction. Who will win this contest...

The Homestead Brides Collection

by Mary Connealy, DiAnn Mills, Erica Vetsch & Kathleen Y'Barbo et al.

Promises of free land lured thousands to stake their claim to the vast American plains. They built make-do homes and put all they had into improving the land. Very often romantic thoughts took a back burner...

The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection

by Erica Vetsch, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Amanda Barratt & Susanne Dietze et al.

Meet nine men from bygone days who have all the qualities of a true hero and who all the single ladies wish to court—though some are unassuming and overlooked until their worth is revealed. The socialite,...