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The Panel

by Erri De Luca

“If we defend ourselves against you, and you against us, our classroom becomes a battlefield. The stronger side will win, but school will be over.”In an all-boys high school in Naples, what was meant to...

The Crime of a Soldier

by Erri De Luca & Jim Hicks

They won’t take me alive. They’ve captured thousands of us, but I’m not about to give up, like some leaf in autumn.”An old war criminal lives with his daughter, a girl who is torn between revulsion and...

Three Horses

by Erri De Luca & Michael Moore

From Argentina to Italy, the intense, metaphysical and poetic story of a gardener in love, by Italy's most prominent writer.

"A man's life lasts as long as three horses. You have already buried the first."...

The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars

by Erri De Luca & Jim Hicks

Matteo has a new heart. A woman’s heart. And with another woman who is also recovering from open heart surgery, he sets about trying to recover his old life by scaling one of the most foreboding peaks in the...

The Story of Irene

by Erri De Luca & Jim Hicks

“And so this pure beauty enters the sea, immune to the future’s temptations, not even a wave goodbye, like a serpent shedding its skin.” A young girl who was rescued by dolphins grows up an orphan on a...

A Dissenting Word

by Erri De Luca & Jim Hicks

“I am, and I will remain, even if convicted, a witness to sabotage. Namely: to the hampering, obstructing, and impeding of the freedom to dissent.” Renowned Italian author Erri De Luca takes on the controversial...