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A Thin Difference

by Frank Turner Hollon

Spinning a new twist to the legal drama genre, Frank Turner Hollon explores the moral and the controversial in his third novel, A Thin Difference.Jack Skinner is a criminal defense attorney in a small town in...

Blood  and Circumstance

by Frank Turner Hollon

From an acclaimed author who has mastered his own genre of psychological mystery, Blood and Circumstance takes on issues of mental illness, family bonds, and nature versus nurture. Told entirely through the...

Austin and Emily

by Frank Turner Hollon

Austin McAdoo is a 347-pound man with a dry sense of humor and an affinity for canned ham. Emily Dooley is a tempestuous bombshell with an unpredictable temper and a simple worldview. Their appearances and personalities...

The Book of Neil

by Frank Turner Hollon

Two billion people on Earth call themselves Christians. A foundation belief among Christians is that Jesus, the Son of God, will again appear in bodily form amongst us. If He returned in this age of consumption,...

The Pains of April

by Frank Turner Hollon

Following the success of his novel, The God File (MacAdam/Cage, March 2002), MacAdam/Cage is releasing the trade paperback of Frank Turner Hollon's first novel, The Pains of April.This short novel brings us...

The Wait

by Frank Turner Hollon

In the tradition of Philip Roth's Everyman, and in a voice that is unmistakably Frank Turner Hollon's, the story of one man contemplating the nature of life-the ordinary and extraordinary moments, the successes...

The God File

by Frank Turner Hollon

Gabriel Black is sentenced to prison for a murder he did not commit. In a twisted expression of honor, he takes responsibility for the action of a woman he loves and pays with his freedom.One day in the prison...