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SpineChillers Mysteries Series: A Haunted Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

by Fred Katz

Boone and Cali volunteered to help transform an old mining town into a summer camp for their church. But that was before they stumbled onto the secret underground tunnels, the ghost stories, and the legendary...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Birthday Cake and I Scream

by Fred Katz

It's MacKenzie's twelfth birthday. He'd like a paintball party, but his mom books the party at Spookie the Clown's Hall of Pizza. Unlimited play on the video games makes it pretty cool, until Spookie shows up...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Not A Creature Was Stirring

by Fred Katz

Just before leaving with his parents to go skiing before Christmas, Connor Morgan breaks his leg. Fortunately, Great Aunt Bergen is coming to watch the house, and Conner can stay with her.

But there is something...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: The Phantom of Phys Ed

by Fred Katz

It was bad enough being the new kid at Crider Middle School. But when Caitlin bumps into the locker of Hezekiah Bones - the kid who disappeared over fifty years ago - she thinks she received his curse. Yet if...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Pizza With Extra Creeps

by Fred Katz

When Max Walker hear a ghostly moaning coming from the room next to his and sees eyes peering at him from behind the curtains, he begins to believe the rumors that his new house is haunted. Could all the pizza...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Stay Tuned for Terror

by Fred Katz

Kari, Juan, Matthew, and Bethany's favorite TV show - Tales of Terror - is looking for four new hosts. But when the invitation comes to audition at an old abandoned house, the kids find them selves caught in...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: The Venom Versus Me

by Fred Katz

Brook Darrow and her dad go to a cabin so he can work on his law exams. Weird things start to happen when Brook discovers she has trespassed into forbidden territory. How can the legend of the feathered serpent...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Stay Away from the Swamp

by Fred Katz

Clint Gleeson's dad wants to buy the "swamp" next to their house. Legend has it the land is inhabited by snake ghosts and other creepy creatures. At first Clint laughs at the ridiculous legend. But a crawling...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Hospitals Make Me Sick

by Fred Katz

While on a trip in the mountains, Scotty injures his elbow. But to their amazement, Scotty, his brother, Michael, and their cousin Deanna find that the hospital might be hazardous to their health! The chief...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Attack of the Killer House

by Fred Katz

Anna and Johnny Greger are looking forward to a quiet day at home. When Jonny's science project - a robot - attacks Anna, she thinks it's just Johnny playing a joke. But she knows something is terribly wrong...

SpineChillers Mysteries Series: Dr. Shiver's Carnival

by Fred Katz

Looks can bee deceiving when fear backs you into a corner. Enjoy thrills and chills with the kids in this story who have fun as they demonstrate Christian character based on love for God, parents, and one another....