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Louis Armstrong: King of Jazz

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

"Music has been in my blood from the day I was born," said Louis Armstrong. He rose from a troubled childhood and a life of poverty to set the music world on fire. Armstrong's lively trumpet playing, trademark...

Mary McLeod Bethune: Woman of Courage

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

After having a book snatched from her little hand, Mary McLeod, the child of former slaves, resolved to learn to read. Many years later, with $1.50 in her pocket, Mary McLeod Bethune set out to make education...

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights Leader

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

Every school child knows the name of Martin Luther King, Jr., beacon of the civil rights movement. The McKissacks offer an easy-to-read journey through King's life, as he brought people of all races and religions...

Marian Anderson: Amazing Opera Singer

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

Marian Anderson, with the power of her magnificent voice, triumphed over the racial barriers of her time. In a career that spanned four decades, she lifted herself out of poverty to become a world-famous singer....

Paul Robeson: A Voice for Change

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

Paul Robeson proved his prowess on the football field and excelled in college and law school in an era that offered few opportunities to African Americans. He won international acclaim as a singer and actor,...

Jesse Owens: Legendary Track Star

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

"I always loved running," said Jesse Owens, who as a boy could outrun all his playmates. When he competed in the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, people used words like "express" and "comet" to describe him....

Ida B. Wells-Barnett: Fighter for Justice

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

Ida B. Wells-Barnett rose from her roots in slavery to become an outspoken voice for her people. She was an important and influential journalist at a time in history when few women had careers. Using the power...

Madam C.J. Walker: Inventor and Millionaire

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

"Don't wait for opportunities to come . . . get up and make them!" said Madam C. J. Walker. She rose from laundry woman to become America's first black woman millionaire. Born in poverty, Walker set her sights...

Frederick Douglass: Fighter Against Slavery

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

Despite being a slave, Frederick Douglass (1818?-1895) learned to read and write. At age 21, he escaped from slavery and created a new life for himself as a free man. Intelligent and charismatic, Douglass became...

Carter G. Woodson: Black History Pioneer

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

Carter G. Woodson, born just ten years after the Civil War ended, grew up in the lingering shadow of slavery. Woodson became a scholar dedicated to learning, teaching, and writing about the history of his people....

Booker T. Washington: African-American Leader

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

With skills like farming, carpentry, and sewing, Booker T. Washington believed that blacks could find acceptance in the racist white society of the late 1880s. His school became a leading educator of African...

George Washington Carver: Scientist and Inventor

by Patricia Mckissack & Fredrick Mckissack

George Washington Carver spent his life asking questions and looking for the answers. He gained a reputation as the farmers' best friend after teaching about crop rotation. He told farmers to grow peanuts and...

Miami Jackson Gets It Straight

by Fredrick Mckissack, Patricia Mckissack & Michael Chesworth

MIAMI JACKSON CAN’T wait for school to end. But who ever thought five days could be so long? His teacher is leaving for Ghana, his arch-enemy, Destinee Tate, is on his case, and now Miami’s keeping secrets...