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Garlic And Roses

by Gail Gaymer Martin

"Garlic Breath. Garlic Bud. Garlic Head." Juli Clemans has been called them all. Her father's garlic farm and prosperous store have made the family wealthy, but for Juli, the ridicule has outweighed the rewards....

Out On A Limb

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Karen Chapman came to her grandfather's orchard to rest. She finds herself, however, in the midst of a family feud - and falling for a descendant of her grandfather's archrival. Eric Kendall found Karen in his...

Over Her Head

by Gail Gaymer Martin

A high school social studies teacher, Lana West feels comfortable with her well-ordered plans. They include a summer filled with relaxation, redecorating her home, and absolutely no unnecessary contact with...

Secrets Within

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Laine Sibley's life is entangled in secrets. Her younger sister, Kathleen, has died of cancer, leaving Laine to care for a five-year-old niece--and to solve a series of mysteries. Kathleen's friend Pat offers...

And Baby Makes Five

by Gail Gaymer Martin

This is not what Felisa Carrillo envisioned when she left her home in Guadalajara. Sixteen, married to a handsome guy, handing to America. Who could have know her husband would turn abusive and "America" would...

Butterfly Trees

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Alissa is capable and in control. Alissa Greening is proud of all she’s accomplished. Her bed-and-breakfast is well known and profitable. Her life is organized and happy—a little lonely, but she trusts God...

The British Brides Collection

by Kelly Eileen Hake, Tamela Hancock Murray, Jill Stengl & Bonnie Blythe et al.

Explore English gardens, London ballrooms, and Scottish castles as nine brides-to-be experience all the legendary drama and epic romance that British literature is known for. Each of the nine short stories will...

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Romance Collection

by DiAnn Mills, Peggy Darty, Rosey Dow & Rebecca Germany et al.

Many of us have a secret picture of Christmases past—a time when windows shimmered with lacy frost and candlelight, fireplaces kept a home warm and snug, ladies’ skirts swirled and gracefully skimmed the...

With Christmas in His Heart

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Caring for her grandmother was a labor of love, but busy executive Christine Powers worried about the paper piling up in her office. And no sooner had she arrived on Mackinac Island during the frantic holiday...

Upon a Midnight Clear

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Little Nattie needed love, and Callie Randolph was just the woman to make her smile again. A licensed nurse with sorrows of her own, Callie felt a deep and special connection to the troubled child. And after...

Secrets of the Heart

by Gail Gaymer Martin


Social worker Kate Davis had faced her share of problems, but she'd managed to put them behind her—until now. Temporarily sharing a roof with her roommate's strapping, kindhearted brother, she...

A Mother to Love

by Gail Gaymer Martin

An Unexpected Family 

Angie Bursten wants to find love on her own timeline. Tired of her family's interference, coworker Rick Jameson comes to the rescue—as her pretend boyfriend. Angie starts to spend time...

Loving Treasures

by Gail Gaymer Martin


He'd been alone too long. She'd never been alone. But Jemma Dupre and Philip Somerville knew that their fates were forever intertwined.

Yet Jemma wasn't sure of her feelings for Philip. After...

Loving Hearts

by Gail Gaymer Martin


Esther Downing heard her father make this decree to her little sister, forbidding her to marry until the eldest-meaning Esther-found herself a husband. Trouble was, Esther was afraid of...

Loving Care

by Gail Gaymer Martin

After the failure of her marriage many years ago, Christie Hanuman started over and vowed to remain single...until her ex-husband walked back into her life. Patrick had also changed, and was now raising his...

A Love for Safekeeping

by Gail Gaymer Martin

See Jane run? If that's what Jane Conroy's stalker had in mind, he was going to be disappointed. The feisty schoolteacher was more angered than frightened by her shadowy adversary's pranks. Thanks to him, she...

In His Dreams

by Gail Gaymer Martin

Escape to beautiful Beaver Island could be the answer to Marsha Sullivan's need for a fresh start. Since her husband's death four years ago, Marsha had lost her way, but on Beaver Island, she had good memories...

The Harvest

by Gail Gaymer Martin & Cynthia Rutledge

All Good Gifts by Gail Gaymer Martin

Widow Tess Britton came to the country for peace-certainly not for a romance with her handsome next-door neighbor, Ryan Walsh. But when he urged her to heal her relationship...

Groom in Training

by Gail Gaymer Martin

A widow with a sad past, Steph Wright finds comfort in her faith and her adorable Border collie, Fred. When scampering Fred becomes friendly with the neighbor's pedigreed Bouvier, Steph meets the very handsome...

Finding Christmas

by Gail Gaymer Martin


Her daughter, Mandy, had died in the icy waters of Lake St. Claire, Michigan, three years ago—or so widow Joanna Fuller was told. At the urging of family friend Ben Drake, Joanna tried to...