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Murder of a Bookman: A Bentley Hollow Collectibles Mystery Novel

by Gary Lovisi

When the police are asked to investigate the brutal murder of bookseller Brian MacDonald, who's been stabbed in the back with his letter opener, they have no trouble locating suspects, because MacDonald has...

Bad Girls Need Love too

by Gary Lovisi

A Lust for Life

Anxious to undress, these dangerous dolls ply their womanly wares to get whatever they want: men, power and sex - lots of sex. Yet to quench their fiery desires they crave more, much more. See,...

The Mystery Surrounding Watson's Lost Dispatch Box: A Juan and Viejo Mystery

by Gary Lovisi

When young Joseph Adler enters a small Dorchester bookstore to sell a rare old copy of The Strand Magazine - within its pages is discovered what appears to be a sheet torn from the diary of Sherlock Holmes'...

Gargoyle Nights: A Collection of Horror

by Gary Lovisi

At the end of Earth's days, a sorcerer creates a powerful creature--The Gargoyle--to guard the secrets of Earth's last city, Shenumbra. Then the alien Leinites arrive, determined to plunder our world of its...

Driving Hell's Highway

by Gary Lovisi

He had no past and no future, only the long open road ahead of him. What would he find there, other than danger and violence? Sometimes a shred of memory, dark and fearful, gave him a hint of what he'd once...

The Cat MEGAPACK ®: 25 Frisky Feline Tales, Old and New

by Gary Lovisi, Pamela Sargent & John Russell Fearn

This volume includes 25 wonderful, wondrous stories and two poems about cats, by major authors old and new. Included are:

INTRODUCTION: ...IN THE DARK, by Robert Reginald

SEVEN SAW MURDER, by G. T. Fleming-Roberts...

The Great Detective: His Further Adventures: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology

by Marvin Kaye & Gary Lovisi

Sherlock Holmes! That magical name conjures up all that is thrilling and exciting about the classic mystery short story. The Great Detective, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is without doubt the most well-known...

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #2

by Gary Lovisi, Arthur Conan Doyle & Marvin Kaye

The second issue of SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY MAGAZINE includes contributions from Darrell Schweitzer ("The Adventure of the Hanoverian Vampires"), Marc Bilgrey ("You See, But You Forget"), David Waxman ("Tough...

Violence Is the Only Solution

by Gary Lovisi

These three Vic Powers stories present hard-boiled dysfunctionality at its most intense and brutal best. These are not tales for the easily squeamish, or those who want to spend their hours leisuring in countryclub-style...

Mars Needs Books!: A Science Fiction Novel

by Gary Lovisi

In the not-so-distant future, men have come to Mars to escape the oppressive Earth government. Ryan is an agent for a super-secret government agency, the Department of Control (DOC), and has always been willing...

Dames, Dolls and Delinquents

by Gary Lovisi

It's no secret the sexy and racy cover art of femme fatales from the golden age of paperbacks and magazines exalts the female form in all its sexy and sultry allure. Still today, these lustful, passionate and...

The Noir Mystery MEGAPACK ®: 25 Modern and Classic Mysteries

by Joseph J. Millard, Gary Lovisi & John L. French

The Noir Mystery MEGAPACK™ presents 25 modern and classic noir (and noir-inspired) and hardboiled tales by writers new and old. Included are:

KIDNAPPED EVIDENCE, by Joseph J. Millard

A RAT MUST CHEW, by Gary...