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by Gary Paulsen

Nuclear disaster and human vulnerability interweave in the lives of four young people, an Ojibway Indian, an illegal Mexican migrant worker, a rock musician, and a sheep rancher's daughter with the lives of...


by Gary Paulsen

In the old days there were songs...

Something is bothering Russel Susskit. He hates waking up to the sound of his father's coughing, the smell of diesel oil, the noise of snow machines starting up.


Dancing Carl

by Gary Paulsen

Dancing Carl, Gary Paulsen's first novel, was a ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a Notable Children's Trade Book for the Language Arts.

In the winter, life in McKinley, Minnesota, revolves around the rinks,...

Masters of Disaster

by Gary Paulsen

“Let’s face facts: We may be the most boring twelve-year-olds on the planet.”


Henry Mosley decides that he and his pals Riley and Reed have got to liven things up. They need to go on some earth-shaking...

Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day

Tales to Tickle the Funnybone #5

by Gary Paulsen


Learned her wacky grandma was coming to spend the day at school with her;

Lost her Notebook with Everything that Matters in it, including her homework;

Got a black eye.

Tore her skirt.

And it’s only...

Danger on Midnight River: World of Adventure Series, Book 6

World of Adventure #5

by Gary Paulsen

Slow learner Daniel Martin escapes peer teasing by spending most of his time outdoors, and when a van crash plunges him and a gang of bullies in the river, Daniel must choose between saving himself and risking...

A Christmas Sonata

by Gary Paulsen

A young boy and his mother spend Christmas 1943 with relatives in northern Minnesota while his father is fighting in the war in Europe.  They take a long journey by train to a snowy land of vast frozen lakes,...

Dunc and Amos and The Red Tattoos

Culpepper Adventures #12

by Gary Paulsen

Dunc and Amos head for camp and face two weeks of fresh air—along with regulations, demerits, KP, an inedible food. But where these two best friends go, trouble follows. They overhear a threat against the...

Dunc and Amos Hit The Big Top

Culpepper Adventures #9

by Gary Paulsen

In order to impress Melissa, the girl of his dreams, Amos Binder decides to perform on the trapeze at the visiting circus. Look out below! But before his best friend for life Dunc Culpepper can talk him out...

Dunc gets tweaked

Culpepper Adventures #4

by Gary Paulsen

Best friends Dunc and Amos meet up with a new buddy named Lash when they enter the radical world of skateboard competition. When somebody “cops”—or steals—Lash’s prototype skateboard, the boys are...

Dunc's Doll

Culpepper Adventures #2

by Gary Paulsen

Dunc Culpepper and his accident-prone friend, Amos, are up to their old sleuthing habits once again. This time they’re after a band of doll thieves! When a doll that once belonged to Charles Dickens’s daughter...

Flight of the Hawk: World of Adventure Series, Book 18

World of Adventure #15

by Gary Paulsen

When Andy Hawkes's parents are tragically killed by a hit-and-run driver, Andy is sent to live with his mysterious grandfather. Andy has only met Grandfather Hawkes once, at his parents' funeral. The old man...

Curse of the Ruins: World of Adventure Series, Book 17

by Gary Paulsen

“A few hundred yards ahead there is a long wooden bridge that the donkeys will be afraid to cross. But do not worry. After you cross the bridge, the ruins will not be far away.”


Cousins Kate, Sam, and Shala...

THUNDER VALLEY: World of Adventure Series, Book 16

World of Adventure #14

by Gary Paulsen

Twins Jeremy and Jason Parsons are helping their grandma run the Thunder Valley Ski Lodge while their grandfather recuperates from a broken hip. When Grandma Parsons joins their grandfather at the hospital,...

The Creature of Black Water Lake: World of Adventure Series, Book 13

World of Adventure #13

by Gary Paulsen

Thirteen-year-old Ryan Swanner and his mom just moved to the mountain resort of Black Water Lake. The locals say that beneath the lake's seemingly calm surface, a giant, ancient creature lives. But Ryan's new...

Super Amos

Culpepper Adventures #30

by Gary Paulsen

Dunc thinks Mr. Smith is just an old man who owns a junkyard and a mean junkyard dog. But Amos is convinced Mr. Smith is Lightning Man, a retired superhero, and the dog is his super sidekick. Meanwhile, Mr....

Dunc and Amos on Thin Ice

Culpepper Adventures #29

by Gary Paulsen

Best buddies Dunc and Amos are at the winter sports events. A pretty skater needs their help to defect from North Korea, but suddenly Kim Su-Yong doesn't seem to remember asking the boys for their help. In fact,...

Amos Binder, Secret Agent (Culpepper #28)

Culpepper Adventures #28

by Gary Paulsen

It’s spy vs. spy when Amos is mistaken for a government double agent and give a top-secret assignment. He’s got the trench coat, he’s got the dark sunglasses, he’s go that smooth and debonair James Bond...

Dunc and Amos Go To The Dogs

Culpepper Adventures #25

by Gary Paulsen

Anyone who knows Amos knows that in his case, dogs are definitely not man's best friends. Even his own dog growls and shows his teeth whenever Amos is around. Amos isn't exactly fond of Scruff either. It's a...

The Legend of Red Horse Cavern

World of Adventure #1

by Gary Paulsen

Will veered to the left and ducked into one of the passages leading away from the palace room. Sarah stumbled and fell. Will pulled her up. They could hear the big man closing in on them. Will took another left...