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Curse of the Ruins: World of Adventure Series, Book 17

by Gary Paulsen

“A few hundred yards ahead there is a long wooden bridge that the donkeys will be afraid to cross. But do not worry. After you cross the bridge, the ruins will not be far away.”


Cousins Kate, Sam, and Shala...

THUNDER VALLEY: World of Adventure Series, Book 16

World of Adventure #14

by Gary Paulsen

Twins Jeremy and Jason Parsons are helping their grandma run the Thunder Valley Ski Lodge while their grandfather recuperates from a broken hip. When Grandma Parsons joins their grandfather at the hospital,...

The Creature of Black Water Lake: World of Adventure Series, Book 13

World of Adventure #13

by Gary Paulsen

Thirteen-year-old Ryan Swanner and his mom just moved to the mountain resort of Black Water Lake. The locals say that beneath the lake's seemingly calm surface, a giant, ancient creature lives. But Ryan's new...

Super Amos

Culpepper Adventures #30

by Gary Paulsen

Dunc thinks Mr. Smith is just an old man who owns a junkyard and a mean junkyard dog. But Amos is convinced Mr. Smith is Lightning Man, a retired superhero, and the dog is his super sidekick. Meanwhile, Mr....

Dunc and Amos on Thin Ice

Culpepper Adventures #29

by Gary Paulsen

Best buddies Dunc and Amos are at the winter sports events. A pretty skater needs their help to defect from North Korea, but suddenly Kim Su-Yong doesn't seem to remember asking the boys for their help. In fact,...

Amos Binder, Secret Agent (Culpepper #28)

Culpepper Adventures #28

by Gary Paulsen

It’s spy vs. spy when Amos is mistaken for a government double agent and give a top-secret assignment. He’s got the trench coat, he’s got the dark sunglasses, he’s go that smooth and debonair James Bond...

Dunc and Amos Go To The Dogs

Culpepper Adventures #25

by Gary Paulsen

Anyone who knows Amos knows that in his case, dogs are definitely not man's best friends. Even his own dog growls and shows his teeth whenever Amos is around. Amos isn't exactly fond of Scruff either. It's a...

The Legend of Red Horse Cavern

World of Adventure #1

by Gary Paulsen

Will veered to the left and ducked into one of the passages leading away from the palace room. Sarah stumbled and fell. Will pulled her up. They could hear the big man closing in on them. Will took another left...

Dunc and The Haunted Castle

Culpepper Adventures #15

by Gary Paulsen

When Dunc and Amos are invited to spend a week in Scotland, Dunc can already hear the bagpipes a-blowin'. But when the boys spend their first night in an ancient castle, it isn't bagpipes they hear. It's moans!...

Amos and The Chameleon Caper

Culpepper Adventures #27

by Gary Paulsen

She’s a master of disguises—able to change identities at will. She’s wanted in five states. They call her the Chameleon. Dunc thinks he and Amos are just about to crack the case wide open. And all they...

Amos and The Vampire

Culpepper Adventures #26

by Gary Paulsen

Amos's big sister Amy is always dating rejects. But this time, her boyfriend was rejected by the grave! He's got pale skin, dark hair, mesmerizing eyes, an annoying tendency to disappear, and he wants to have...

The Gorgon Slayer

World of Adventure #6

by Gary Paulsen

A horrid shriek erupted from behind the stairs, and clammy, leathery wings exploded into Warren’s face. He slammed his eyes shut and beat the Gorgon off, hearing Rick’s sword swish through empty air. Warren...

Hook 'em Snotty!

World of Adventure #4

by Gary Paulsen

“I’ve had enough . . .” Alex let go of her horse and hit Bobbie like a tigress, driving her back and knocking her on her rear. “Now we’ll see if you have problems with your rump.”

Bobbie leapt to...

Amos Goes Bananas

Culpepper Adventures #24

by Gary Paulsen

Amos has more than a monkey on his back. It’s a gorilla. Her name is Louise. And she’s in love with him. Dunc isn’t much help. He’s convinced that Louise is the key to solving a really big-time case...

Amos and The Alien

Culpepper Adventures #19

by Gary Paulsen

When Amos and his best friend Dunc have a close encounter with an extraterrestrial named “Girrk,” Dunc thinks they should report their findings to NASA. But Amos has other plans. Not only does he promise...

Amos's Killer Concert Caper

Culpepper Adventures #22

by Gary Paulsen

Amos is desperate. He’s desperate for two tickets to the romantic event of his young life . . . the Road Kill concert! He’ll do anything to get them because he heard from a friend of a friend of a friend...

Dunc and The Greased Sticks of Doom

Culpepper Adventures #21

by Gary Paulsen

Five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . .  Olympic superstar Francesco Bartoli is about to hurl  himself down the face of a mountain in another  attempt to clinch the world slalom speed record.  Cheering...

Dunc and Amos Meet The Slasher

Culpepper Adventures #20

by Gary Paulsen

Why is mild-mannered Amos Binder dressed in leather with slicked- back hair, strutting around the cafeteria and going by a phony name? Could it be because of that new kid, Slasher, who’s promised to eat Amos...

Amos Gets Married

Culpepper Adventures #23

by Gary Paulsen

Everybody knows Amos Binder is crazy in love with Melissa Hansen. Only Melissa hasn’t given any indication that she even knows Amos exists as a life-form. That is, until now.


Suddenly, things with Melissa...

Coach Amos

Culpepper Adventures #18

by Gary Paulsen

Amos and Dunc have their hands full when their school principal asks them to coach the local T-ball team. For one thing, nobody on the team even knows first base from left field, and the season opener is coming...