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A Knight's Vow

Welles Trilogy #2

by Gayle Callen

He was her father's enemy, and now he was her husband by the king's decree. But that didn't mean Lady Isabel Atherstone planned on honoring James Markham, Earl of Bolton, with her love. She only hoped that her...

His Bride

His Trilogy #3

by Gayle Callen

Gwyneth Hall has heard the dark rumors about Sir Edmund Blackwell, the man she is betrothed to but has never seen. To save her penniless family from ruin, however, she would wed the devil himself. And this gorgeous,...

His Betrothed

His Trilogy #1

by Gayle Callen

She was a reluctant bride...

When Lady Roselyn Harrington discovers an injured sailor from the Spanish Armada washed up on shore, she's stunned to see he's the fiancé she abandoned at the altar two years before....

A Most Scandalous Engagement

Scandalous Lady #2

by Gayle Callen

Could she be the brazen lady who posed for the scandalous portrait?

Lady Elizabeth Cabot is no longer the reckless girl she once was. Now the darling of the ton, she is determined to put her past behind her....

In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady

Scandalous Lady #1

by Gayle Callen

Entranced by a portrait, haunted by scandal, he would stop at nothing to learn the truth . . . even if it led to their utter ruin.

The Darkest Knight

Welles Trilogy #1

by Gayle Callen

Trained as a knight, yet sworn to the monastery, Reynold Welles had always lived by a strict code of honor. Yet the night he rescues beautiful Lady Katherine Berkeley from a treasonous kidnapper and an arranged...

Never Marry a Stranger

Sons of Scandal #3

by Gayle Callen

The prodigal return . . .

It's an absolute scandal when Captain Matthew Leland arrives at Madingley Court. Presumed dead in battle, his sudden appearance gives the ton quite the shock. But no one is more surprised...

No Ordinary Groom

Spies and Lovers #1

by Gayle Callen

No Ordinary Engagement

Miss Jane Whittington's hopes have been dashed. She'd always imagined herself marrying someone daring, adventurous, exciting. Instead, the man her father has betrothed her to is...a fop!...

The Beauty and the Spy

Spies and Lovers #2

by Gayle Callen

For the many romance fans who can't get enough of romances set in England, as well as fans of Christina Dodd.

He kidnapped her to keep her safe, but the captor soon becomes a captive when she turns on her charm...

The Duke in Disguise

Willow Pond #2

by Gayle Callen

Who is this man?

The Duke of Thanet may have hired her as a governess to his six-year-old son, but there is something . . . different about the devilish rogue standing before her today. He seems to study her...

The Lord Next Door

Willow Pond #1

by Gayle Callen

Victoria must wed . . . and immediately!

To rescue her family from financial ruin, lovely Victoria Shelby has no choice but to marry. Her options for a bridegroom are limited . . . until she remembers the shy...

His Scandal

His Trilogy #2

by Gayle Callen

Taming a Rogue

Lady Emmeline Prescott is shocked when Sir Alexander Thornton, the most incorrigible scoundrel in England, suddenly notices she even exists-and starts flirting with her! The dashing cad has a well-earned...

A Woman's Innocence

Spies and Lovers #3

by Gayle Callen

In the final instalment of Gayle Callen's exciting Spies and Lovers trilogy, a mad–dash search for truth brings together an unlikely pair – a woman accused of treason, and the man who convicted her...


Return of the Viscount

Brides of Redemption #1

by Gayle Callen

Her marriage of convenience seems far too convenient . . .

Desperation drove Cecilia Mallory to seek a union with a stranger—one who would wed her sight unseen and grant her full access to her inheritance with...

Every Scandalous Secret

Scandalous Lady #3

by Gayle Callen

The secretis out! Now thelady mustsurrender her heart . . .or submit to scandal.

The Viscount in Her Bedroom

Willow Pond #3

by Gayle Callen

She never knew the true meaning of desire until she was tempted by . . . The Viscount in Her Bedroom.

Never Dare a Duke

Sons of Scandal #2

by Gayle Callen

An indecent proposal

Abigail Shaw is a proper young lady, hardly the sort to boldly offer a deal to London's most distinguished and perfect duke. But Abigail, desperate to save her father's newspaper business,...

Never Trust a Scoundrel

Sons of Scandal #1

by Gayle Callen

A pact with the devil . . .

Miss Grace Banbury was in shock. Her mother put her up as a prize in a high stakes card game, and now the gentleman who won is ready to claim her! But Grace has other plans. She just...

Redemption of the Duke

Brides of Redemption #3

by Gayle Callen

A duke who needs to be tamed . . . a lady who refuses to be rescued.

Adam Chamberlin was the third son of a duke, known for gambling binges and drunken nights. No one expected anything of him . . . until tragedy...

My Lady's Guardian

Welles Trilogy #3

by Gayle Callen

She Swore Never To Marry

Lady Margery Welles has the uncommon privilege of choosing her own husband-but it's a decision she has no desire to make, and the king wants an answer soon. Pursued by noblemen eager...