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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

by Georgina Gentry & Lorraine Heath

Those deep-brimmed Stetsons. Those faded jeans. Cowboys are everything a fantasy man should be--tall, tough, and oh so handsome. In these sexy stories, meet three men of the American West who know a thing or...


by Georgina Gentry

Accustomed to upholding the law, Texas Ranger Travis Prescott has a duty to protect and serve--especially when there's a beautiful woman in need. . .


After Texas Ranger Travis Prescott gets into a deadly...

Timeless Warrior

by Georgina Gentry


It is a painting with a ghost in it-according to the guidebook in the Pawnee museum. Journalist Blossom Ann Murdock, in Oklahoma to research her family's roots, thought the painting might spark...

Apache Caress

by Georgina Gentry


Cholla seethed with fury. The Apache scout had risked his life tracking down renegades for the white man only to find himself chained like an animal on the army prison train. Well, if they...

Nevada Dawn

by Georgina Gentry

A dangerous renegade...

A beautiful debutante...

And a passion that knows no bounds!

The notorious outlaw called Nevada didn't ride for gold... he rode for vengeance. But this night he'd found a treasure beyond...

Half Breed's Bride

by Georgina Gentry

In Sioux Slave, Nevada Nights, Quicksilver Passion, and Apache Caress, Georgina Gentry captivated readers with her thrilling tales of action-packed romance, lusty adventure and sizzling passion. Teeming with...

Comanche Cowboy

by Georgina Gentry

"Georgina Gentry brings the West to life and gives her fans hours of true reading pleasure" (Romantic Times.) Now, she enchants us once again with the story of a desperate woman who must make the agonizing choice...

Cheyenne Splendor

by Georgina Gentry

"Nobody does it like (Georgina Gentry) does!"-Barbra Critiques

Before the white man came, the vast plains belonged to the Cheyenne. And Boston debutante Summer Van Schuyler belonged to the magnificent half-breed,...

Cheyenne Song

by Georgina Gentry

"Georgina Gentry brings the West and her characters to life and gives her fans hours of true reading pleasure." -Romantic Times

Fort Reno, Indian Territory, 1878. Glory Halstead faced her captor with the same...

Cheyenne Princess

by Georgina Gentry


When fiery-tempered Cimarron escaped Fandango, Texas, in the pouring rain, all she could think of was how no one would believe she had killed her uncle in self-defense. Then, on a lonely stretch...

Cheyenne Caress

by Georgina Gentry


Even though seventeen-year-old Luci hadn't a friend in the world, the slender, willowy half-breed knew she could handle herself with anyone-anyone except Johnny Ace. The full-blooded Pawnee scout's...

Warrior's Honor

by Georgina Gentry


A warrior who values duty above all else, Talako is honor bound to recapture a runaway brave sentenced to hang for his crimes. But then he confronts the fury and determination of ebony-haired...

Quicksilver Passion

by Georgina Gentry


Beautiful Silver Jones had been called every name in the book. But now that she owned her own tavern in Buckskin Joe, Colorado, she didn't care what the self-righteous citizens thought...

Cheyenne Captive

by Georgina Gentry


When headstrong, golden-haired Summer ran away from home, all she could think of was leaving her strict father behind. But after a vengeance-seeking Indian attacked her stage, threatening...

Bandit's Embrace

by Georgina Gentry


When her scheming, jealous stepmother-to-be forced Amethyst Durango to enter a convent, the headstrong heiress swore she'd experience life to the fullest before being shut away. And when...

Apache Tears

by Georgina Gentry

"Nobody does it like Georgina Gentry" (Barbra Critiques). Now, the award-winning author of Comanche Cowboy and Cheyenne Song thrills readers once again with the unforgettable story of a love and wild and untamed...

To Tame a Savage

by Georgina Gentry

Love Child

Cavalry Captain Austin Shaw knew his aristocratic Boston family would never accept the Sioux beauty who had stolen his heart. Refusing to be a burden to him, the proud Wiwila fled, carrying their unborn...

To Love A Texan

by Georgina Gentry

A Woman With A Will

Miss Lillian Primm is beyond weary of polishing the manners of Boston's young ladies, so when she inherits half ownership of a "hotel" in Fort Floppett, Texas, she eagerly heads out West--only...

To Wed A Texan

by Georgina Gentry

He's A Lover

Fast-talking promoter Cash McCalley will be set for life if he can set up a prizefight in Dallas, Texas--should be a cinch, considering how Texan men appreciate a good brawl. What Cash doesn't count...

To Tease A Texan

by Georgina Gentry

Throw a sassy whiskey slinger together with a down-on-his-luck cowboy and what do you get? A match made in the Last Chance Saloon. . .

She's No Lady

Lark Van Schuyler can take care of herself--and has ever...