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Match for Celia

by Gina Wilkins


This vacation was supposed to bring a little excitement into Celia Carson's life--so why couldn't she shake her attraction to a staid, reserved accountant? And yet, she also couldn't shake...

The M.D. Next Door

by Gina Wilkins

It started with a big yellow puppy scampering into Dr. Meagan Baker's backyard…followed by her adorable new neighbor, a chatty thirteen-year-old full of information about her very attractive divorced dad, Seth...

A NASCAR Holiday 2: Miracle Season\Season of Dreams\Taking Control\The Natural

by Pamela Britton, Gina Wilkins & Ken Casper

Miracle Season by Pamela Britton

Former NASCAR driver Mike Morgan didn't believe in miracles—until Maggie Taylor. Now he's entered the biggest race of his life…the one to win her heart!

Season of Dreams by Gina...

Bachelor Cop Finally Caught?

by Gina Wilkins

The Evening Star's Police Blotter:


Small-town reporter Lindsey Gray is being charged with stealing police chief Dan Meadows's heart. Ten years her senior, Chief Meadows always thought of her as a little...

The Best Man's Plan

by Gina Wilkins


Dating Bryan Falcon was only supposed to be a decoy, something for the tabloids to latch on to and run with. Still, Grace Pennington never expected to actually have feelings for the hard-core...

Countdown to Baby

by Gina Wilkins


Unexpected sparks flew when midwife Cecilia Mendoza met young Geoff Bingham, Merlyn County's most eligible bachelor. But she was even more surprised when their dinner...

Love Lessons

by Gina Wilkins


by Professor Catherine Travis

1. Stop spending every waking moment at my lab.

2. Quit finding excuses for my maintenance man to come fix things. (Mike Clancy is young, gorgeous and way out...

Littlest Stowaway

by Gina Wilkins


—more than a handful!


Pilot Steve Lockhart thrived on challenges, but now he's in over his head. He'd just achieved his dream of starting up his own charter service, when he'd...

Home for the M.D.

by Gina Wilkins

Top surgeon Mitch Baker is a catch. Just not for a woman like Jacqui Handy, who wants a real home, a place to belong. Sexy workaholics like Mitch have never been her type. Then she and Mitch become temporary...

From This Day Forward

by Candace Camp, Gina Wilkins & Allison Leigh

Claire Winters was a society girl. Jack Murphy was born a roughneck. But at a time when women were expected to play by the rules, Claire was determined to break all of them....

Rebecca Murphy was planning her...

Texan's Tennessee Romance

by Gina Wilkins

After being falsely accused of breaking her sacred lawyer-client vow, Natalie Lofton's main priority was clearing her name and getting her life back. That didn't include taking in an irresistible mutt. Or falling...

Diagnosis: Daddy

by Gina Wilkins

Finding out he had a six-year-old daughter was the shock of Connor Hayes's life. And the about-to-be medical student needed help--stat! So he turned to his cherished buddy--his best, platonic friend--Mia Doyle....

Prognosis: Romance

by Gina Wilkins

Fourth-year medical student James Stillman knew firsthand that life was lonely at the top. His privileged, isolated upbringing left him unable to build lasting relationships--professional or personal. Until...

Doctor's Undoing

by Gina Wilkins

When the going gets tough, third-year medical student Ron Gibson walks away. He's learned the hard way to sidestep commitment to avoid heartache. Yet the footloose bachelor seems to forget his cut-and-run philosophy...

Harlequin Special Edition January 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2: Matched by Moonlight\The Sheriff's Second Chance\The Dashing Doc Next Door

by Gina Wilkins, Michelle Celmer & Helen R. Myers

Harlequin Special Edition brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! These are heartwarming, romantic stories about life, love and family. This Harlequin Special Edition bundle includes...

Matched by Moonlight

by Gina Wilkins

A workaholic wedding planner meets a travel writer, and soon love is in the air at Bride Mountain, Virginia's most exciting venue for destination weddings, in the first book in Gina Wilkins's new miniseries! ...

A Match for the Single Dad

by Gina Wilkins

Two Little Matchmakers

Suddenly single dad Garrett McHale is out of his depth! With a busy job as a pilot, he's also raising two daughters by himself. Finding love is beyond his control—until his girls decide...

The Texan's Surprise Baby

by Gina Wilkins

The pitter-patter of little Texas feet?

One night of passion with P.I. Andrew Walker and what does Hannah Bell have to show for it? A baby bump that's about six months along! No longer willing to trust her instincts...

The Right Twin

by Gina Wilkins

Double Trouble!

It's a beautiful Texas summer, and Shelby Bell's idyllic lakeside resort is tailor-made for romance. So when Shelby suggests that Aaron Walker be her pretend boyfriend to help her catch a resort...

A Very NASCAR Holiday: All I Want for Christmas\Christmas Past\Secret Santa

by Nancy Warren, Debra Webb & Gina Wilkins

"All I Want for Christmas" by Nancy Warren

Darren Littlejohn may be ten, but he knows what he wants--to meet his hero, NASCAR driver Jason Bane. Of course, that means his mom will be there, too. And she sure...