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Blessed Beyond Measure: Experience the Extraordinary Goodness of God

by Gloria Copeland

Many people have an incorrect concept of God as an angry taskmaster, which hinders them from coming to Him and receiving what Jesus died to purchase for them. Because God is actually full of love, He offers...

Love - The Secret To Your Success

by Gloria Copeland

Some people think life's a gamble. You win some, you lose some. But God's dream is for you to have much more than that. His plan is for you to experience a life of guaranteed success and power. And love is the...

No Deposit - No Return

by Gloria Copeland

You would never assume you have more in your bank account than what you put into it, right? So, why do so many people try to withdraw faith from their "spiritual accounts" when they're empty?

In No Deposit-No...

This Same Jesus

by Gloria Copeland

The Jesus you've read about in the Bible, is the same Jesus who is alive and well today. He has never changed His purpose of helping people. In the Gospels, we see Jesus healing and delivering people at every...

God's Will For You: Expanded Legacy Edition

by Gloria Copeland

"Why am I here?" "Why was I born?" "What is God's purpose for my life?" "Why do I face so many challenges in life?" "Does my life even matter?" These are important questions everyone asks at some point in life....

Well Worth The Wait

by Gloria Copeland

Ever feel pressured? Ever feel that is a miracle doesn't happen soon, you might as well give up standing in faith? If you're a child of God, surely you've been through times like that. You may be feeling that...

Harvest of Health

by Gloria Copeland

Don't wait until an emergency comes. Don't wait until your body is weak and sick to start feeding on healing scriptures. Live in divine health every day!

In this minibook by Gloria Copeland, learn how to sow...

Be A Vessel Of Honor

by Gloria Copeland

God has called His children to live set apart from evil and to be sanctified or holy. To be holy simply means to obey God in everything He says and stop participating in the world's ways. When believers live...

Are You Ready?

by Gloria Copeland

"Be ready." God has an appointment with the Church. Through His Word and Spirit, we know that His time of judgment and celebration with His children is near.

"Be ready." You can be set for His return - but you're...

Build Your Financial Foundation

by Gloria Copeland

The foundation is the most important part of any building. If it isn't stable, the entire structure is sure to fall. It's the same in the spirit realm. God plans for you to grow financially as you grow spiritually...

Fight On!

by Gloria Copeland

Like it or not, you are in a battle, "not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians...

Protection of Angels

by Gloria Copeland could hire a hundred natural men for your security, but they would be limited by natural things. Not so with angels. From Old Testament times until today, angels have been on the job, protecting...

Looking For a Receiver

by Gloria Copeland

God has blessings in His hand, and He is longing to pass them to us. So what is He waiting for? Using an analogy from the sports world, Gloria Copeland answers that God is continually looking for a receiver....

God's Will Is The Holy Spirit

by Gloria Copeland

Are you one of the many believers who have been taught that the infilling of the Holy Spirit was for a selected few on the Day of Pentecost? Or that you received all of the Holy Spirit when you received salvation?...

Three Steps To The Good Life: Healthy, Whole, and Healed Every Day

by Gloria Copeland

Imagine what it would be like to live healthy and whole all the time. No colds, no flu, no allergies. No heart disease, no mental illness, no cancer. God wants His people to live well in every area of life....

One Word From God Can Change Your Family

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Everyone hopes to have happy, healthy relationships with their children, yet successful parenting can be one of life's most challenging experiences. It requires you to be personally and actively involved in...

One Word From God Can Change Your Prayer Life

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Spending time with God is an important part of the Christian walk and yet many Christians struggle when it comes to prayer. They wonder, "Does God hear my request?" and, "Will He answer me?" Prayer does not...

One Word From God Can Change Your Nation

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

God wants you to experience heaven on earth. But if you live in a nation that's filled with poverty, immorality, and violent crime, that may seem impossible. Yet, it's not. As a Christian, you have the spiritual...

Over The Edge Xtreme Youth Devotional

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Over the Edge The Xtremescene. It's the bigger, the higher, the faster, the more intense . . . the better! People everywhere are jumping into it more and more, they're pushing the outer limits in extreme sports,...

True Prosperity

by Gloria Copeland

Prosperity is more than financial blessings. It includes healing, protection, favor, wisdom, success, well-being and every good thing you could possibly need - all the good things Jesus desires for you to have....