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Sound of the Trumpet

by Grace Livingston Hill

There is a war raging in Europe—and on the home front. A top secret weapon is being fashioned that could end the war quickly, and several people want to get their hands on it. John Sargent is being pressured...

The Beloved Stranger

by Grace Livingston Hill

Sherrill Cameron’s wedding ends with another bride walking down the aisle…and a mysterious stranger walking into her life. But for better or for worse?

The White Lady

by Grace Livingston Hill

When Pastor John Endicott returns from burying his mother, he discovers the legendary haunted house in town really is inhabited, and he sets out to determine if the lady in white is a ghost or real. Constance...


by Grace Livingston Hill

Marjorie Wetherill grew up in a loving family among the wealthy and privileged—but she always knew she was adopted. And though she questioned how her birth family could give up a child, she was content and...

The Strange Proposal

by Grace Livingston Hill

As the best man in a wedding, John Saxon first saw—and fell in love with—Mary Elizabeth Wainwright as she preceded the bride down the aisle. When he returns home, John pours his adoration for Mary Elizabeth...

The Search

by Grace Livingston Hill

Settle in for an enthralling tale of wartime romance in The Search from renowned Christian romance writer Grace Livingston Hill. As in all of Hill's books, the author's Christianity is apparent not in overt...

Silver Wings

by Grace Livingston Hill

Amory Lorrimer needs money to help her family, so she takes a position as secretary at the Whitney's Briarcliffe mansion who seem untouched by the depression. Daredevil pilot Gareth Whitney becomes Amory's instant...

Sound of the Trumpet

by Grace Livingston Hill

John Sargent is forced to overcome evil and deceit on the home front to save his country—and the woman he loves.

Rose Galbraith

by Grace Livingston Hill

“Don’t forget to write at once.”


Young and alone, Rose Galbraith is about to embark on a long voyage from New York to Scotland when she encounters Gordon McCarroll, a former classmate. His generous...

The Treasured Brides Collection: Three Timeless Romances from a Beloved Author

by Grace Livingston Hill

Take a step back to a slower paced life the 1930s and 40s, and discover the joy of old-fashioned romance as penned by one of America's most beloved authors. Lightly updated for today's reader, this collection...

The Chance of a Lifetime

by Grace Livingston Hill

High school friends Alan and Sherrill are each about to launch themselves on great adventures when plans suddenly change. Can contentment be found closer to home?

Cloudy Jewel

by Grace Livingston Hill

A spinster by the standards of her era, Julia Cloud has agreed to spend the rest of her days engaged in domestic servitude in the household of her sister. Resigned to a lifetime of loneliness, she's all the...

Happiness Hill

by Grace Livingston Hill

When Jane rents a cottage on the beach for her ailing parents, she has no idea she’ll spend the summer being torn between two men.


A Girl to Come Home To

by Grace Livingston Hill

Rodney Graeme, a war hero wounded by love, returns home to face the aftermath of a broken engagement. . .only the past won’t fade without a fight.


Dawn of the Morning

by Grace Livingston Hill

For romance readers who are looking for stories that are a little tamer than the racy tomes that tend to dominate bookshelves today, Grace Livingston Hill's body of work is a welcome respite. In Dawn of the...

The Enchanted Barn

by Grace Livingston Hill

Shirley Hollister is faced with a harrowing situation. She, her ailing mother, and her younger brothers and sisters have been evicted from their small flat, which is slated for demolition. Desperate for a place...

Exit Betty

by Grace Livingston Hill

What would you do if you were duped into marrying your own stepbrother? That's the conundrum facing Betty, the beautiful heroine of this charming romance novel from Grace Livingston Hill. Initially fragile and...

Love Endures - 2: 3-in-1 Collection of Classic Romance

by Grace Livingston Hill

Treasure three Grace Livingston Hill classics in one jumbo volume. Can a dispirited college girl, two estranged daughters, and a lonely heart find contentment through faith?


Crimson Mountain

by Grace Livingston Hill

No longer an heiress, Laurel Sheridan returns to her hometown to earn a living. Once there, she falls for a soldier—and stumbles on a deadly secret.


Rainbow Cottage

by Grace Livingston Hill

Shelia Ainslee wants redemption for her beloved mother. What she finds are the open arms of a grandmother she never knew. . .and the unexpected love of pilot Angus Galbraith.