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April Gold

by Grace Livingston Hill

Marilla Reed’s world changed in an instant. Now she’s left to pick up the pieces and scrape together a new existence in a run-down neighborhood far from what she knows. Marilla struggles to adapt, wondering...


by Grace Livingston Hill

Jane Scarlett has a lonely and sad existence living in a dingy boardinghouse room and working the button counter of a department store. Until one day a young socialite woman visits her counter and they strike...

The Search

by Grace Livingston Hill

Settle in for an enthralling tale of wartime romance in The Search from renowned Christian romance writer Grace Livingston Hill. As in all of Hill's books, the author's Christianity is apparent not in overt...

Cloudy Jewel

by Grace Livingston Hill

A spinster by the standards of her era, Julia Cloud has agreed to spend the rest of her days engaged in domestic servitude in the household of her sister. Resigned to a lifetime of loneliness, she's all the...

Dawn of the Morning

by Grace Livingston Hill

For romance readers who are looking for stories that are a little tamer than the racy tomes that tend to dominate bookshelves today, Grace Livingston Hill's body of work is a welcome respite. In Dawn of the...

The Enchanted Barn

by Grace Livingston Hill

Shirley Hollister is faced with a harrowing situation. She, her ailing mother, and her younger brothers and sisters have been evicted from their small flat, which is slated for demolition. Desperate for a place...

Exit Betty

by Grace Livingston Hill

What would you do if you were duped into marrying your own stepbrother? That's the conundrum facing Betty, the beautiful heroine of this charming romance novel from Grace Livingston Hill. Initially fragile and...

Spice Box

by Grace Livingston Hill

Janet Whitmore has suffered a great loss, and fearing for her future, she leaves all that is familiar, venturing into a snow storm. Dr. Howard Sterling is on his way home when he comes upon a woman in a snow...


by Grace Livingston Hill

Patricia Prentiss grows up in a mansion as the privileged daughter to an old-fashioned father who believes in church and public school, though his more progressive wife challenges him on both traditions. So,...

The Girl of the Woods

by Grace Livingston Hill

Once when Revel Radcliffe was young and troubled by his widowed father’s plans to remarry, he fled into the woods and met a young girl who was out picking wildflowers. Her words that day  comforted him in...

Time of the Singing of Birds

by Grace Livingston Hill

Lieutenant Barney Vance is happy to be back home from the war and healing from his wounds. Pretty little Margaret Roselle prayed faithfully for his return and welcomes him warmly. But how can Barney rest comfortably...

By Way of the Silverthorns

by Grace Livingston Hill

Three weddings and the promise of a fourth. McRae Silverthorn and her brother Lincoln grew up in a close circle of friends, and now that they are all out of college those friends are starting to settle down...

Head of the House

by Grace Livingston Hill

Jennifer Graeme is just blossoming into womanhood when tragedy befalls her family and she is left in charge of six younger brothers and sisters. Relatives move in to take over the family home and split up the...

The Flower Brides

by Grace Livingston Hill

Romance blooms into lasting love for the Flower Brides. In Marigold, Marigold Brooke travels to Washington, DC, where one man sweeps her off her feet, but another helps her see what real love—and faith—are...

The Beloved Stranger

by Grace Livingston Hill

Sherrill Cameron’s big day arrives to find her watching from the balcony as her fiancé’s secretary walks down the aisle in her place. Sherrill is convinced that nothing could heal her hurt, until the day’s...

The Prodigal Girl

by Grace Livingston Hill

Teenager Betty Thornton is devastated when she learns that her father will be uprooting his family and moving to a remote Vermont farm far away from her social circle of friends. Rather than passively accepting,...

A New Name

by Grace Livingston Hill

Murray’s name—Van Rensselaer—brings wealth and status until a split second and one hasty decision turns this gentleman’s son into a fugitive. Murray’s joyride with a long-lost childhood friend ends...


by Grace Livingston Hill

A horrified Cornelia Copely cannot believe her eyes! The home she left for college is no longer what she remembers when she returns. Her nearly destitute family now lives in a run-down clapboard house, and Cornelia...

Crimson Roses

by Grace Livingston Hill

One rose changes a young woman’s solitary life forever. After setting out on her own, Marion Warren is overcome with drab routine. Her solution: buy a season ticket to the symphony. But to Marion’s surprise,...

Tomorrow About This Time

by Grace Livingston Hill

Half-sisters Silver and Athalie Greeves have grown up worlds apart. Silver is a humble, faith-filled young lady; Athalie is a flapper who takes after her socialite mother. When a chance visit suddenly reunites...