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The Battle for Commitment Planet

Helfort's War #4

by Graham Sharp Paul

It was insane, it was suicidal, it was wrong—

and by God he was going to do it.


The Hammer Worlds have Helfort exactly where they want him. The ultimatum is brutal and precise. Unless the Federated hero...

The Battle of the Hammer Worlds

Helfort's War #2

by Graham Sharp Paul

He thought Hell was the worst they could throw at him.

He was wrong.

Back from tangling with the Hammer of Kraa, the most brutal, trigger-happy tyrants in humanspace, Junior Lieutenant Michael Helfort is assigned...

The Battle at the Moons of Hell

Helfort's War #1

by Graham Sharp Paul

“A planet-stomping space opera that bursts off the page like a tactical nuke.”

–John Birmingham, author of Weapons of Choice

The Hammer Worlds–the most brutal and oppressive interstellar government in...

The Battle of Devastation Reef

Helfort's War #3

by Graham Sharp Paul

If he survives, hell just may freeze over.

The savage Hammer Worlds are not only near invincible but almost certain to win their war to crush the Federated Worlds and control humanspace–unless the Feds can...