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The Black Effect

by Harvey Black

An economy on the verge of collapse, demands from their allies for funding to continue the expansion of communism, and a conventional Army, Navy and Air Force costing the country 20% of its GDP... The Soviet...

The Red Effect

by Harvey Black

1983: The Cold War has been in existence since the end of World War Two. Although tensions have always been fraught between the Western nations and the members of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact, common sense has...

Devils with Wings

Frozen Sun: Devils with Wings Book 3

by Harvey Black

The third in the exciting and popular 'Devils with Wings' WWII series. After a successful mission in Greece and taking part in the first airborne invasion in military history, Fallschirmjäger paratrooper Paul...


by Harvey Black

Bravo troop head for London to seek out the Pindar Bunker. Does the UK Government still exist? The Motorway and Tower groups have had to flee their makeshift homes just as blizzards and temperatures of -10 degrees...