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Bachelor and the Babies

by Heather MacAllister


Daddy in training!

When Harrison Rothwell is left to look after his two tiny nephews he decides to demonstrate that his rules of business management can be applied to any situation.

Trouble is,...

Man for All Seasons

by Heather MacAllister

Marlie Waters's Christmas List:

1. Get a roommate so she can afford her mortgage after broken engagement.

2. Check! Her old family friend Tyler Burton needs a room. So what if he's been her longtime crush?


His Little Black Book

by Heather MacAllister

1 wrong text message + 1 impending hurricane = 1 sexy surprise for 3 couples!

Text and the Single Girl

Sophie Callahan is angling to move up the corporate ladder...and attending a client party is her ticket. But...

Taken by Storm

by Heather MacAllister

What happens on the road… 

Zoey Archer has a long, glorious history of disaster. Financially, professionally…and, oh, yes, a junkyard full of romantic wreckage. All she wants is a chance to prove that she...

Bootcamp: Kiss and Make Up\Sugar and Spikes\Flirting with an Old Flame

by Heather MacAllister, Cindi Myers & Leslie Kelly

Warfield Bootcamp: A two-week cure for a love life gone AWOL…


There's no way Cassandra Devane can get her love life to stand at attention. She just keeps dating the wrong guys....

After Darke

by Heather MacAllister

Welcome to Twin Oaks—the new B and B in Cooper's Corner. Some come for pleasure, others for passion—and one to set things straight…

Check-in: When small-town plumber Bonnie Cooper visited New York in search...

The Rancher and the Rich Girl

by Heather MacAllister

The Lost Springs Ranch for troubled boys is at stake, and it's a man's duty to give back…

After eight years of always doing the right thing, wealthy widow Jessica Fremont is ready to rebel against her mother-in-law's...

Lone Star Santa

by Heather MacAllister

Kristen Zaleski is home for the holidays…indefinitely. Her acting career hasn't taken off—in fact, it hasn't gone anywhere. So now she's spending her days helping out at her dad's P.I. office. Until Mitch...

Tall, Dark & Reckless

by Heather MacAllister

Foreign journalist Mark Banning needs a partner—now. After refusing to work with a female journalist and with a reputation for being reckless, Mark is running out of options. That's where compatibility expert...

Mr. December

by Heather MacAllister



Bachelor of the Month—Spencer Price

This hunky scientist is also known to moonlight—as a centerfold! His exposure in the Science Hunks calendar has set women drooling all over the country....

Manhunting in Memphis

by Heather MacAllister


Hayley Parrish thought her dateless existence couldn't get any worse—until her mother decided Hayley needed a husband. But when Mom started matchmaking, Hayley had no choice but to invent a fiancé—in...


by Heather MacAllister

These weddings are starting with a bang!

They never thought a fitting would lead to erotic confessions! But thanks to one very thin wall between the dressing rooms in a bridal shop and a tuxedo boutique, four...

Boss and the Plain Jayne Bride

by Heather MacAllister

Making over Ms. Right…

Jayne Nelson's life lacks pizzazz. She wants adventure…she wants romance…She wants Garrett Charles! Since her new boss is a hunky ex-model turned entrepreneur, Jayne's convinced that...

Hand-Picked Husband

by Heather MacAllister

Name: Clay Barnett

Age: 26

Occupation: Rancher

The whole state of Texas is convinced Autumn Reese was born to be Clayton Barnett’ s bride. And nothing she or Clay say or do can convince the world otherwise. Unless,...

Christmas Male

by Heather MacAllister



Bachelor of the Month—Trent Creighton

This gorgeous hunk is a dedicated bachelor—and plans to keep it that way. Little does he know that his three matchmaking uncles...

Bedded Bliss

by Heather MacAllister


The Wrong Bed!

Dee Ann Karrenbrock has hit rock bottom. Her fiancé left her at the altar and then had the nerve to invite her to his wedding—to his ex-wife. Could it get any worse? But Dee Ann's...

Long Southern Nights

by Heather MacAllister

The days were long…

Kyle Stuart was on the brink of disaster! His company was crumbling, his employees were planning a mutiny and he was shunned from polite society in Jeffersonville, Georgia, simply because...

Bride Overboard

by Heather MacAllister

Brides on the Run

When in doubt—jump!

Blair Thomason was getting married. She and her fiancé, Armand, had even chartered a yacht to make the fairy-tale wedding complete. But when she discovered that Armand was...

Good, the Bad and the Cuddly

by Heather MacAllister


—more than a handful!

THE GOOD: Preacher's daughter, Maddie Givens—but she's not that good.

THE BAD: Rebel Steve Jackson—but he's not that bad.

THE CUDDLY: Maddie's infant nephew Luke—who...

Kept in the Dark

by Heather MacAllister

Kaia Bennet is a cat burglar with some serious moves. Unfortunately for her, six years ago, those moves aroused the attention—along with other things—of dishy undercover cop Blake McCauley…who had Kaia arrested!...