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Stone Angel

by Helen Brooks

"The Female Sex Is Not Capable of Deep Emotion!"

Enrico Meliora's emotions were carved in stone and just as hard. He was cynical about love, scornful of romance and burning with bitterness. He was like a fallen...

Angels Do Have Wings

by Helen Brooks

Dear Vicky,

Things are just the same here. My life is mapped out for years ahead without a chance of anything changing…

As she wrote those words to her best friend, Angel had no idea that a gorgeous stranger...

And the Bride Wore Black

by Helen Brooks

Wedding Vows Were Meant to Be Kept!

There was an old story about the Cade men: they only love once…but when they do, it's for eternity!

But where did that leave an ordinary working girl like Fabia? Alex Cade...

A Christmas Night to Remember

by Helen Brooks

On Christmas Eve, Melody James leaves the hospital to start life anew without her charismatic, powerful husband, Zeke. The injuries that ended her dancing career—and her marriage—may have healed, but her heart...

Web of Darkness

by Helen Brooks

Getting even…

Kane Steel had everything—money, power…. But it was all at the expense of Janie's father. And she wanted revenge. If it hadn't been for Kane's ruthless greed, her father would still have his...

Marriage Solution

by Helen Brooks

Blackmail bride!

Carlton Reef wanted a bride—and Katie needed the money! His proposal was outrageous, but simple. He would pay her family's debts if Katie would agree to become his wife….

But what possible reason...

Sweet Betrayal

by Helen Brooks

Once bitten, twice shy

Nothing could fade the bitter memories Candy had of Cameron Strythe. How could he have been so callous, abandoning her pregnant sister all those years ago? He'd disrupted their lives, and...

Dark Oasis

by Helen Brooks

A dangerous attraction

When Kit was stranded in Morocco with no money, her memory a blank, she could only pray for a miracle. And when Gerard Dumont, a gorgeous Frenchman, came to her rescue, Kit was so grateful...

Very Private Revenge

by Helen Brooks

An intimate vendetta!

Tamar had made it her business to find out all Jed Cannon's secrets. The notorious playboy had destroyed her cousin's happiness—and her reputation. Now Tamar was determined Jed must be...

Dream Wedding

by Helen Brooks

A child that's born on a Sunday is bonny and blithe…

Reece Vance has fought hard for his wealth and success—and he's learned to be tough, cynical and ruthless. Miriam is a natural optimist, but her good nature...

Deceitful Lover

by Helen Brooks

Deception and desire…

Dimitrios was convinced Ria had broken his nephew's heart, toying with his affections then jilting him. He thought her only interests in life were having fun and captivating eligible men!...

Cruel Conspiracy

by Helen Brooks

No way out!

Cord Lachoni obviously thought he could bulldoze his way into Aline's life. Well, he was in for a big surprise! Thanks to her twin brother's recent activities, Aline found that they were indebted...

Price of a Wife

by Helen Brooks


He wanted a family… at any price!

Luke Hawkton was a wildly successful businessman who had it all. His one remaining ambition was to find a wife and start a family…

Josie's dreams of marriage...

Lace and Satin

by Helen Brooks

An adult affair

As a student, Logan Steer had been wildly and romantically attractive to the female population…. Now he was devastating! Amelia Higginbottom knew Logan and his effect on women all too well, so...

Fire Beneath the Ice

by Helen Brooks

He wanted passion, not commitment!

Lydia's new boss was a powerfully charismatic man. But Lydia dared not surrender to the dangerously sweet attraction she felt toward Wolf Strade…. He might be icy cool on the...

Knight in Black Velvet

by Helen Brooks

Stranger to the rescue!

Lorne had been in desperate trouble, stranded in Spain with no choice but to hope for the mercy of strangers…. Fortunately, her prayers were answered by a very handsome stranger indeed!...

Husband by Contract

by Helen Brooks

The jealous husband!

For Donato Vittoria, marriage was a lifetime commitment. He'd chosed Grace as his bride, and he would cherish her forever. Or so Grace had believed….

Until she'd discovered Donato's betrayal—with...