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Lace and Satin

by Helen Brooks

An adult affair

As a student, Logan Steer had been wildly and romantically attractive to the female population…. Now he was devastating! Amelia Higginbottom knew Logan and his effect on women all too well, so...

The Italian Tycoon's Bride

by Helen Brooks

He wants her—so he'll wed her!

Maisie Burns is a nice girl, with little experience of the world. But that doesn't stop tycoon Blaine Morosini from wanting her! Maisie doesn't see the effect she has on the enigmatic...

The Irresistible Tycoon

by Helen Brooks

Falling for the boss?Kim had been ecstatic when Lucas Kane offered her a job as his new secretary—until she realized that her new boss was breathtakingly sexy. Could she stay true to her vow of avoiding an...

Husband by Contract

by Helen Brooks

The jealous husband!

For Donato Vittoria, marriage was a lifetime commitment. He'd chosed Grace as his bride, and he would cherish her forever. Or so Grace had believed….

Until she'd discovered Donato's betrayal—with...

His Christmas Bride

by Helen Brooks

The billionaire's bride—by Christmas!

Blossom was not the type to attract eligible rich men and keep them—her marriage lasted six months before her husband dumped her…on Christmas Eve!

So when Zak Hamilton—a...

A Heartless Marriage

by Helen Brooks

Marriage on trial!

From playboy lover…

When gorgeous millionaire Raoul de Chevnair chose Leigh as his bride, it seemed he'd left his flirtatious bachelor days behind for good. But had he? Their marriage had scarcely...

The Greek Tycoon's Bride

by Helen Brooks

Confronted with Andreas Karydis, Sophy is convinced arrogance is a Karydis family trait! Wealth, power, devastating looks—no wonder Andreas has women falling at his feet....

Spending the summer at his Greek...

Fire Beneath the Ice

by Helen Brooks

He wanted passion, not commitment!

Lydia's new boss was a powerfully charismatic man. But Lydia dared not surrender to the dangerously sweet attraction she felt toward Wolf Strade…. He might be icy cool on the...

Deceitful Lover

by Helen Brooks

Deception and desire…

Dimitrios was convinced Ria had broken his nephew's heart, toying with his affections then jilting him. He thought her only interests in life were having fun and captivating eligible men!...

A Convenient Proposal

by Helen Brooks

Candy was wary when Quinn Ellington suggested it would be mutually beneficial for them to marry. She knew her uncle had asked Quinn to look after her while she recovered from an accident. But wasn't marriage...

Christmas at His Command

by Helen Brooks

Captive at Christmas!Marigold Flower couldn't wait to spend the festive season in her friend's cottage—without a man in sight! But after injuring her ankle, she was thrown on the mercy of her arrogant neighbor...

A Christmas Night to Remember

by Helen Brooks

On Christmas Eve, Melody James leaves the hospital to start life anew without her charismatic, powerful husband, Zeke. The injuries that ended her dancing career—and her marriage—may have healed, but her heart...

The Christmas Marriage Mission

by Helen Brooks

The Christmas Marriage Mission by Helen Brooks released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

The Bride's Secret

by Helen Brooks

Should she confess to her husband?

Marianne had been thrilled when Hudson de Sance proposed. But could she really go ahead with the wedding? She was being blackmailed, and the only solution seemed to be disappearing...

The Boss's Inexperienced Secretary

by Helen Brooks

Blaise West is Kim Abbott's new boss, and he's even more formidable than office gossip led her to believe. Shy, tall and awkward, Kim's used to hiding in the background—but in Blaise's powerful presence, she...

A Boss in a Million

by Helen Brooks

Max Hunter's last secretary had called him a boss in a million, and Cory soon discovered that she was now working for a man who more than lived up to his reputation!

Cory tried to concentrate on her work, not...

The Billionaire's Virgin Bride

by Helen Brooks

As a lawyer, Zeke Russell is second to none; dynamic and driven, he always wins. So when his ex-fiancée Melody Taylor asks for his help, he takes his chance to settle an old score!

Melody didn't think she would...

The Billionaire's Marriage Mission

by Helen Brooks

Billionaires always get what they want!

Travis Black might be darkly, broodingly handsome, but as far as Beth is concerned he's also very infuriating! What would a rich, successful and charming man like him want...

The Billionaire Boss's Secretary Bride

by Helen Brooks

As far as secretary Gina Leighton is concerned, billionaire businessman Harry Breedon has never shown more than a professional interest in her. Why should he? Plain and plump, Gina knows she's hardly trophy-wife...

The Beautiful Widow

by Helen Brooks

Nervous as a kitten whenever he comes near…

Toni George needs a job to clear the gambling debts her late husband secretly accrued. With tiny twin girls to feed, she has no choice but to accept a position with...