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Collected Stories 2: Volume 2

by Henry James


Encompassing a period of almost fifty years, the stories of Henry James represent the most remarkable feat of sustained literary creation in modern times. For sheer richness, variety and intensity, they have...

Washington Square

by Henry James

Washington Square by Henry James is the story of the gentle, dull Catherine Sloper who falls for the ambivalent Morris Townsend, who her father believes is a fortune hunter. When Catherine's father refuses to...

The Portrait of a Lady

by Henry James

“You wanted to look at life for yourself−but you were not allowed; you were punished for your wish. You were ground in the very mill of the conventional.” –from The Portrait of a Lady The Portrait of...

The Ambassadors

by Henry James

One of Henry James' greatest novels, The Ambassadors is a dark comedy from 1903. Lewis Lambert Strether travels to Europe to find his widowed fiancée's son, planning to bring him back to the family business,...


by Henry James

Though Henry James is best remembered as a titan of nineteenth-century American literature and an important innovator in the domain of literary realism, he was also a key figure in the literary criticism of...

The Pupil

by Henry James

The Moreen family is a loathsome crew of greedy, dishonorable, self-serving twits -- with the notable exception of one brilliant, earnest eleven-year-old son, Morgan. When the Moreens secure the services of...


by Henry James

Many of Henry James' most acclaimed works of fiction are set at the intersection between European and American culture. The novella Pandora takes its tension from the differences between the Old World and the...

Four Meetings

by Henry James

Sometimes, it's not the lingering relationships that stick in our memories, but rather the brief, fleeting encounters. In the brilliant short story "Four Meetings," literary master Henry James explores an intense...

An International Episode

by Henry James

A number of Henry James' stories and novels focus on the clash of cultures between America and Europe, and the novella An International Episode tackles this issue head-on. A pair of British gentlemen cross paths...

Georgina's Reasons

by Henry James

As the Victorian era drew to a close and the twentieth century loomed, women began to assert themselves more and take greater liberties. It was a shift that Henry James dealt with in many of his stories, including...

The Jolly Corner

by Henry James

This finely crafted novella from fiction master Henry James combines several themes from James' body of work: the clash of cultures between Europe and America, an uncanny encounter with a doppelganger, and a...

The Author of Beltraffio

by Henry James

Often regarded as one of the most important literary figures of his era, American-born author Henry James possessed a unique knack for describing the idiosyncrasies of dysfunctional families. The Ambient family...

The Madonna of the Future

by Henry James

American author Henry James often grappled with weighty topics in his work, and the story "The Madonna of the Future" -- longer than a typical short story, but shorter than a novella -- is no exception. Framed...

The Finer Grain

by Henry James

Written during his convalescence as James recovered from an illness, the stories collected in The Finer Grain embody the strengths of the author's late period. Though not quite as hauntingly complex as novels...

The Spoils of Poynton

by Henry James

Originally serialised in the Atlantic Monthly under the title The Old Things, The Spoils of Poynton was first published in book form by Heinemann in 1897. The plot centres upon the valuable antique possessions...

The Reverberator

by Henry James

Originally serialised in MacMillan Magazine in 1888 and published in book form later that year, The Reverberator is a short novel about how a piece of scandal published in a popular news sheet reduces a Parisian...

What Maisie Knew

by Henry James

Originally serialised in the New Review in 1897 before being published in book form later that year, What Maisie Knew details the fate of a young daughter, Maisie of the title, as she is flung back and forth...

The Wings of the Dove

by Henry James

Originally published in 1902 by Scribners, The Wings of the Dove tells the story of Milly Theale, an American heiress suffering from a terminal disease and how those two properties - riches and an imminent demise...

The Sacred Fount

by Henry James

Originally published by Scribners in 1901, The Sacred Fount was a product of James' most productive period and continues with the author's concentration of character over plot. The essence of the novel is an...

The Tragic Muse

by Henry James

Originally serialised in the Atlantic Monthly between 1889 and 1890, before being published in book form later in the year, The Tragic Muse was James' last full novel before his doomed foray into writing for...