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Daisy Miller: The Wild and Wanton Edition

by Gabrielle Vigot & Henry James

Daisy Miller will forever be a classic story of courtship. But the original novella is not a romance, per se, because the unrequited love of both of the two main characters, Daisy Miller and Frederick Winterbourne,...

The Ambassadors

by Henry James

The Ambassadors, considered by Henry James to be his best work, is a dark comic novel of self-discovery delivered within the confines of James' favorite theme: American innocence meeting with European experience....

The Bostonians

by Henry James

"The Bostonians" is a bittersweet tragicomedy centered on an odd triangle of characters: Basil Ransom, a political conservative from Mississippi; Olive Chancellor, Ransom's cousin and a Boston feminist; and...

The Portrait of a Lady

by Henry James

"The Portrait of a Lady" is one of Henry James's most popular long novels and is regarded by critics as one of his finest. "The Portrait of a Lady" is the story of a spirited young American woman, Isabel Archer,...

The Turn of the Screw

by Henry James

An isolated, forlorn estate...a very young, inexperienced governess...the boy, Miles, the girl, Flora--two angelically beautiful, strangely distant children...and the fiends. Phantoms of shadow and madness,...

The Golden Bowl

by Henry James

Widower Adam Verver is a wealthy American who has emigrated with his attractive daughter, Maggie, for the sole purpose of luxuriating in the brilliant shine of gilded society. Then Maggie falls in love and weds...

Daisy Miller

by Henry James

Tor Classics are affordably-priced editions designed to attract the young reader. Original dynamic cover art enthusiastically represents the excitement of each story. Appropriate "reader friendly" type sizes...

Washington Square

by Henry James

"Washington Square" is a novel by Henry James. It is a structurally simple tragicomedy that recounts the conflict between a dull but sweet daughter and her brilliant, domineering father. The plot of the novel...

The Wings of the Dove

by Henry James

"The Wings of the Dove" is a novel by Henry James. It tells the story of Milly Theale, an American heiress stricken with a serious disease, and her impact on the people around her. Kate Croy and Merton Densher...

The Turn of the Screw

by Henry James

So monstrous was I then ready to pronounce it that such a child as had now been revealed to me should be under an interdict... What it was most impossible to get rid of was the cruel idea that, whatever I had...

The Turn of the Screw

by Henry James

"The Turn of the Screw" is a novella written by Henry James. It is ostensibly a ghost story in the stream of Gothic Fiction. An unnamed narrator listens to a male friend reading a manuscript written by a former...