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Bunker Hill

by Howard Fast

"Howard Fast is fiercely American, he is one of ours, one of our very best."

-The Los Angeles Times

One battle will determine the fate of Boston

Three thousand soldiers from the world's greatest army are cornered...

The Establishment

by Howard Fast

She'll stand up for her family, no matter the cost

Former socialite Barbara Lavette is unconcerned about the gossip that surrounds her new marriage. However, her husband Bernie, a poor mechanic whom she met...

My Glorious Brothers

by Howard Fast

The strength of five brothers will define a nation.

Being Red: A Memoir: A Memoir

by Howard Fast

This edition brings the story of 20th-century Southern politics up to the present day and the virtual triumph of Southern Republicanism. It considers the changes in party politics, leadership, civil rights and...

The Last Frontier

by Howard Fast

North Castle Books are designed to bring the global variety of knowledge to a broader audience. Primarily aimed at the general reader through bookstore distribution, North Castle Books makes available, in handsomely...

The Unvanquished

by Howard Fast

Originally published in 1942, The Unvanquished is the story of the Continental Army and George Washington in the desperate early months when the American Revolution faced defeat and disintegration. The book...

Freedom Road

by Howard Fast, Eric Foner & W. E. B. DuBois

"Howard Fast makes superb use of his material. ... Aside from its social and historical implications, Freedom Road is a high-geared story, told with that peculiar dramatic intensity of which Fast is a master"....

The Hessian

by Howard Fast

"Fast is always a wonderful storyteller, and the story is a good one. ... Entertaining and memorable". -- Library Journal

Second Generation

by Howard Fast

She'll Risk Her Freedom to Find Freedom

"A novel of satisfying depth and breadth, written in good, clean, forceful prose." -Chicago Tribune

Desperate for independence and scornful of the hypocrisy of the upper...