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Delaney's Shadow

by Ingrid Weaver

Years ago, young John Maxwell Harrison saved little Delaney Wainwright from drowning, forging a psychic bond that would endure for years. And when the pair are reunited in the wake of Delaney's husband's suspicious...

Dream Shadows

by Ingrid Weaver

Trapped in a coma, Elizabeth Graye lives only in her dreams...where she hears the music of country singer Rick Denning and meets him time and time again in her fantasies.

Rick Denning thought Elizabeth only existed...

What the Baby Knew

by Ingrid Weaver


Ex-navy SEAL Quinn Keelor had never been rattled by small things. After all, he'd been trained to carry out grand and highly dangerous missions. But a baby on his doorstep? Left in his protective...

True Lies

by Ingrid Weaver

Who Was Emma Cassidy?

That was what Detective Bruce Prentice had come to the Maine woods to find out. But the more he learned about her, the less he understood. All he knew was, those flights across the Canadian...

Seven Days to Forever

On the Way to a Wedding

by Ingrid Weaver

She met Mr. Right.


Lauren Abbot would have perished had it not been for handsome lawman Nick Strada. Though everyone claimed Nick had died in the crash, Lauren knew...

In Destiny's Shadow

by Ingrid Weaver

With his unique power and handsome, brooding strength, Anthony was on a collision course with the destiny that awaited him in the mountains of New Mexico. His goal--take down Titan, the man who'd murdered his...

Her Baby's Bodyguard

by Ingrid Weaver

Special Forces sergeant Jack Norton's mission: to safely see brilliant Russian scientist Dr. Eva Petrova to America. The unwitting pawn in an international biowarfare plot was hiding one minor contingency—her...

Eye of the Beholder

by Ingrid Weaver

Eye of the Beholder by Ingrid Weaver released on Nov 15, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Engaging Sam

by Ingrid Weaver



At first Audra McPherson didn't recognize the man who burst into her moonlit bedroom. She's never seen her reclusive neighbor so close, or so…naked. Strapping, sexy Sam...

Big-City Bachelor

by Ingrid Weaver

A millionaire's worst nightmare…

Just when complete control of his company seemed within his grasp, Alexander Whitmore found himself sharing ownership…with a country bumpkin! Surely innocent, fresh-scrubbed...

Army of Two

by Ingrid Weaver

Special Forces major Mitch Redinger didn't do weekends with businessmen. Simply wasn't his style. He had his own reasons for accepting the invitation to a corporate retreat—her name was Chantal.

A lifetime...

The Angel and the Outlaw

Aim for the Heart

by Ingrid Weaver

Her orders had come straight from the Pentagon—safeguard Dr. Hawk Lemay at all costs. The renowned expert on nuclear fusion was being targeted by a hired gun because he was on the verge of a breakthrough that...

Accidental Commando

by Ingrid Weaver

A Caribbean island…a honeymoon suite…sexy lingerie. Emily Wright has everything for the perfect honeymoon—except a husband! Although her nuptials are off, Emily takes her honeymoon, hoping for peace and...