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Ishmael Reed: The Plays (American Literature Series)

by Ishmael Reed

The award-winning plays of one of the most celebrated and innovative American writers of our time. Ishmael Reed’s career as one of our great playwrights has long been eclipsed by his other work. Here published...

Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down

by Ishmael Reed

“Folks. This here is the story of the Loop Garoo Kid. A cowboy so bad he made a working posse of spells phone in sick. A bullwhacker so unfeeling he left the print of winged mice on hides of crawling women....

Reckless Eyeballing

by Ishmael Reed

It's the 1980s and the politics of the New York theater scene have taken yet another turn.

The Terrible Twos

by Ishmael Reed

The Terrible Twos is a wickedly funny, sharp-edged fictional assault on all those sulky, spoiled naysayers needing instant gratification--Americans.

The Terrible Threes

by Ishmael Reed

This adventure into the world of offbeat humor and on-target social criticism is a vision of America in the not-too-distant future, a portrait of a fairy-tale gone awry.

The Last Days of Louisiana Red: A Novel

by Ishmael Reed

When Papa LaBas (private eye, noonday HooDoo, and hero of Reed's Mumbo Jumbo) comes to Berkeley, California, to investigate the mysterious death of Ed Yellings, owner of the Solid Gumbo Works, he finds himself...

The Free-Lance Pallbearers: A Novel

by Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed's electrifying first novel zooms readers off to the crazy, ominous kingdom of HARRY SAM–a miserable and dangerous place ruled for thirty years by Harry Sam, a former used car salesman who wields...

Juice! (American Literature Series)

by Ishmael Reed

A new novel from the most outspoken African-American writer of our time.

Going Too Far

by Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed goes too far, again! Just as the fugitive slaves went to Canada and challenged the prevailing view that slaves were well off under their masters, Ishmael Reed has gone all the way to Quebec—where...

Blues City: A Walk in Oakland

by Ishmael Reed

Oakland is a blues city, brawling and husky . . .

Often overshadowed by San Francisco, its twinkling sister city across the Bay, Oakland is itself an American wonder. The city is surrounded by and filled with...

For All the People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America

by John Curl & Ishmael Reed

Seeking to reclaim a history that has remained largely ignored by historians, this dramatic and stirring account examines each of the definitive American cooperative movements for social change—farmer, union,...

Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media

by Ishmael Reed

For Ishmael Reed, Barack Obama, like Michelangelo’s St. Anthony, is a tormented man, haunted by modern reincarnations of the demonic spirits used to break slaves. These were the “Nigger Breakers”—men...

The Complete Muhammad Ali

by Ishmael Reed

More than a biography and ‘bigger than boxing’, The Complete Muhammad Ali is a fascinating portrait of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first. Ishmael Reed calls it The Complete Muhammad...