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The Five Paths

Circle of Three #8

by Isobel Bird

The five-pointed star is the Wiccan symbol of the Spirit, and that's how Cooper wears it. Those not versed in the ways of the Craft find it unsettling, however. Will Cooper, Annie, and Kate be able to withstand...

Blue Moon

Circle of Three #7

by Isobel Bird

Ancient moon, O ageless traveler,

sailing on the sea of stars,

as once more you come to fullness,

turn your shining face to ours.

The second full moon of the month—the blue moon—is a time when powers are heightened,...

Merry Meet

Circle of Three #2

by Isobel Bird

Special feature: This PerfectBound e-book contains: An interview with Isobel Bird, part two

Joined together hand in hand our circle gathers round, to work our magic, weave the web, and dance on sacred ground....

So Mote It Be

Circle of Three #1

by Isobel Bird

Special feature: This PerfectBound e-book contains Part One of an interview with author Isobel Bird.

With this ribbon I do bind

My heart to yours and yours to mine.

Love, I call you, come to me,

As is my will,...

Through the Veil

Circle of Three #9

by Isobel Bird

As the year comes to an ending, in the hour'tween old and new, part the veil and let pass the spirits who would travel through.

As Annie, Kate, and Cooper prepare for Samhain, or Halloween, they are filled with...

Second Sight

Circle of Three #3

by Isobel Bird

Show me places cloaked in secrets,

pierce the gloom of darkest night.

Reveal that which has been hidden,

Let Me see with second sight.

Kate, Annie, and Cooper are Wiccans -- joined by magic bound to nature. Their...

The Challenge Box

Circle of Three #14

by Isobel Bird

Reach inside and choose your challenge, Find the path that you must travel. What trials have you to overcome? What mysteries shall you unravel?

Of her circle, Kate has always struggled the most in learning the...

And It Harm None

Circle of Three #13

by Isobel Bird

Annie, Kate, and Cooper uncover what looks like a crime. When they lookmore closely, it is not. Knowing the Law of Three—that harm comes back to haunt—can they still help a friend in need without paying...

Making the Saint

Circle of Three #10

by Isobel Bird

A mysterious stranger shows Kate, Annie, and Cooper how to connect with the spirit world, but there are alarming effects, especially for Kate. Stepping outside the bounds of Wicca, Kate becomes entranced—so...


Circle of Three #15

by Isobel Bird

Tonight you take the last step on Your journey of a year and a day. Welcome home, o new-made witch, And in our circle rest and stay.

The joyful culmination of a year and a day's dedication—Kate, Annie, and...

Written in the Stars

Circle of Three #12

by Isobel Bird

Ever moving, ever changing, stars and planets come and go. Those who watch their movements say, "As is above, so is below."

Astrology—the study of the stars—is said to reveal the truths of the universe. Cooper,...

Ring of Light

Circle of Three #6

by Isobel Bird

Here within the healing circle,

Bathe in the light and pain dispel,

All that sickens, all that troubles,

Wash away and be made well.

Disillusioned, Cooper abandons the Wiccan circle and Kate and Annie are left without...

In the Dreaming

Circle of Three #5

by Isobel Bird

On the eve of fair midsummer,

Longest day and shortest night,

Faerie magic, fill these woods,

With joyous song and laughter bright.

Midsummer's eve finds Kate, Annie, and Cooper celebrating the most joyous sabbat...

What the Cards Said

Circle of Three #4

by Isobel Bird

Cards of fortune, tell your I story,

Answer all I've come to ask

let the draw set forth the course

of what has been and yet may pass

Annie's fascination with Tarot spirals beyond her control when her readings...

The House of Winter

Circle of Three #11

by Isobel Bird

Cooper, Annie, and Kate celebrate the winter solstice in true Wiccan spirit. The threesome joins practitioners of the Craft in a remote, haunted house in the wintry mountains. An unexpected blizzard strikes,...