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The Gunsmith #349: Riverboat Blaze

by J. R. Roberts

The Gunsmith is up the river without a paddle-but who needs a paddle to shoot some bad guys?

When the Dolly Madison has her maiden voyage, The Gunsmith goes along for the ride-but when she goes down in a firey...

The Gunsmith 348: Showdown in Cheyenne

by J. R. Roberts

Killing's cheaper than divorce. At least that's how Cheyenne rancher Gerald Lawrence sees it. The Hunt gang is coming to rob his place. Sure would be a shame if Mrs. Lawrence got caught in the cross-fire. But...

Gunsmith Giant 15: Andersonville Vengeance

by J. R. Roberts

GIANT Gunsmith action!

Commandant Henry Wirz put Clint through hell as a prisoner of war, and when the Union won, he paid for his crimes with a public hanging. Or did he? Word is, the lowdown scum is living...

The Gunsmith 347: Chicago Confidential

by J. R. Roberts

THE GUNSMITH's visit to the Windy City just might blow him away.

Clint Adams is in Chicago for a holiday. But when the mysterious local crime boss known as "the Man" tries to recruit Adams into his organization,...

The Gunsmith 383: Death in the Desert

by J. R. Roberts


The town of Medicine Bow, Arizona, gives Clint Adams a sick feeling right from the start. It seems a deadly epidemic swept through, claiming more than a few lives and driving the rest out in a hurry....

The Gunsmith 340: The Bisbee Massacre

by J. R. Roberts

The Gunsmith might be sent to his grave in Tombstone.

After the OK Corral shoot-out in '81 and the Massacre of '83, Tombstone's pretty quiet on Clint Adams' first visit back. But then a local rancher is sent...

The Gunsmith 346: Lady Eight Ball

by J. R. Roberts

The GUNSMITH learns that it's in the way that you use it...

Clint Adams is already known for his talent with a gun, but Arizona rancher Jerry Sacks thinks that Clint's dead-eye skills make him the perfect...

The Gunsmith 345: Someone Else's Trouble

by J. R. Roberts

THE GUNSMITH faces off against seven deadly sinners.

A band of outlaws has murdered Donald Connelly's wife and kidnapped his daughter. Unfortunately for the killers, Connelly is good friends with Clint Adams-and...

The Gunsmith 344: Anatomy of a Lawman

by J. R. Roberts

The GUNSMITH takes on a gang of back-shooters face-to-face...

When the Graves gang back-shoots the town sheriff of Guardian, Missouri, the lawman's old friend, Clint Adams, pins on the badge to take up the...

The Gunsmith 342: The Last Trail Drive

by J. R. Roberts

The Gunsmith is riding shotgun on a herd of cattle.

Clint Adams is on a trail drive with an old friend when one of the drivers is killed. Turns out a rival cattleman and his gang plan to stop the drive-even...

The Gunsmith 381: Blood Trail

by J. R. Roberts


The sheriff of Effingham, Missouri, needs Clint Adams' help to catch what is either a brutal killer or a wild animal. After seeing the corpse, Clint can't imagine who-or what-could have so savagely...

The Gunsmith 337: Pariah

by J. R. Roberts

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Gunsmith Giant 14: Lincoln's Revenge

by J. R. Roberts

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Gunsmith Giant #16: The Further Adventures of James Butler Hickok

by J. R. Roberts




Clint Adams is setting the record straight and spilling his secrets…


Clint Adams does not do interviews. So, when a writer from New York tracks Clint down...

Gunsmith #375: The Thousand Mile Case

by J. R. Roberts

Going the Distance


Clint Adams tends to keep his nose out of other people’s business. But when he sees Big Ed Callahan and his crew squaring off against one man, the odds are too stacked for him not to...

The Gunsmith #373: Ticket to Yuma

by J. R. Roberts

Locked Up and Unloaded


The telegraph Clint Adams receives from Prescott, Arizona, requests he come running. Why or what for doesn’t matter. If his good friend Harlan Banks sent it, he needs help. Trouble...

The Gunsmith #372: The Missing Patriarch

by J. R. Roberts

Looking for Trouble

Stuck in Santa Rosita waiting for his horse’s hoof to heal, Clint Adams doesn’t have much to do besides sit around and play poker. When one of his opponents turns out to be a sore loser,...

The Gunsmith #371: The Town of Two Women

by J. R. Roberts

Hell hath no fury...

When Clint Adams comes across an empty-saddled horse in the New Mexico wilds, he knows it can’t be a good sign. And when he finds an unconscious girl who was riding the beast and takes...

The Gunsmith #370: Fraternity of the Gun

by J. R. Roberts

Killer in the Spotlight


When the Department of State and the British Government make a request, most people listen. And so does Clint Adams, the Gunsmith. When he hears that his friend Jim West recommended...

The Gunsmith #369: Forty Mile River

by J. R. Roberts


Ike Daly may be the dirtiest man on the docks of Skagway, Alaska, but that won’t matter once he strikes gold. He owns a large claim upriver near a town called Forty Mile, but it’s too much...