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The Gunsmith #361: The Letter of the Law

by J. R. Roberts

Clint's old friend Billy Dixon-the hero of the Battle of Adobe Walls-is now the postmaster of Adobe Walls. But when he's wounded trying to stop a bank robbery, it's the Gunsmith's turn to go postal...

The Gunsmith 360: The Mad Scientist of the West

by J. R. Roberts

When president Grover Cleveland asks Clint Adams to take on the job of protecting famed scientist Nikola Tesla, the Gunsmith readily agrees to serve his country. But when Clint heads to Colorado to meet up with...

The Gunsmith #358: Fort Revenge

by J. R. Roberts

While on the way to help out his friend Deputy Heck Thomas, Clint Adams makes enemies when a poker game at a local saloon goes sour. Now there are three men trailing Clint to Fort Smith: the two cheaters who're...

The Gunsmith #359: Two Guns for Vengeance

by J. R. Roberts

When a wealthy man wants to hire Clint Adams to get rid of Ben Randolph and his crew, Clint isn't about to get involved if the cause isn't just. But when he finds out Randolph killed an old friend, Clint needs...

The Gunsmith 357: The Dead Ringer

by J. R. Roberts

A killer's been impersonating the Gunsmith. Whoever this pistol- packing pretender is, he's about to find out the hard way-the West ain't big enough for two Gunsmiths.

The Gunsmith #399: Death in the Family

by J. R. Roberts



Clint Adams has always tried to do the right thing. But when he finds a toddler roaming a trail in Wyoming, he makes a choice that leads him down a path toward his toughest challenge yet—and...

The Gunsmith #356: Hunt for the White Wolf

by J. R. Roberts

Clint Adams's friend Jesse Trapp is on his way to Montana to find the great white wolf. But Jesse isn't the only one headed north-and his pursuer is keen on revenge. Luckily, the Gunsmith doesn't let bad things...

The Gunsmith #355: Bitterroot Valley

by J. R. Roberts

A wealthy rancher is being robbed blind by Stringer Jack and his gang, and is set to unleash a bloodbath of his own that places Clint Adams in the cross fire.

The Gunsmith #398: Deadly Fortune

by J. R. Roberts


Trouble is in the cards for Clint Adams when he saunters into a saloon to quench his thirst. After hearing Clint’s name, two shady customers look to improve their standing with...