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The Gunsmith 307: Red River Showdown

by J.R. Roberts

Clint Adams receives a mysterious ticket to board a floating gambling casino. But when he uncovers a con man out to bust the whole boat, he draws everything he has to win.

The Gunsmith 382: Standoff in Santa Fe

by J.R. Roberts

Last Respects

A high profile funeral brings Clint Adams and other "old-time gunnies" to Santa Fe. Some are there to say farewell. Most are looking to make sure that the dearly departed son of a gun is gone for...

The Gunsmith 339: The Lady Doctor's Alibi

by J.R. Roberts

The GUNSMITH gets some sugar...

When Veracruz's male doctor is killed, fingers point at the town's female sawbones, Doctor Sugarman, who stands to inherit his clientele. But the killer could have been the dead...

The Gunsmith 338: Pleasant Valley Shoot-Out

by J.R. Roberts

It's sheep versus cattle-with the GUNSMITH in the middle...

By day, Clint Adams is helping the Pleasant Valley sheriff keep the peace between sheep herders and cattle barons. At night, he's trying his luck...

The Gunsmith 380: Kentucky Showdown

by J.R. Roberts


Seems like everyone in Louisville has gambling advice for Clint Adams when he rides in for the Kentucky Derby, but the one tip he needs is the name of the man who's watching him and why.


The Gunsmith 317

by J.R. Roberts

The good folk of Rosesu, Minnesota, are being preyed upon by a creature that tears men apart and eats their flesh. Clint Adams aims to stop it-and to do that, he'll join forces with an ancient Indian and a beautiful...

The Gunsmith 319

by J.R. Roberts

Clint Adams never saw this coming. A young girl breaks the news to him that her mother was killed- and he's her father. And the suspected murderer is about to learn that no one messes with the Gunsmith-or his...

The Gunsmith 318

by J.R. Roberts

Clint Adams is on the trail of a couple of con artists who bilked a Denver widow out of her wealth and left her dead. The search takes him into the notorious Five Points neighborhood of New York City, where...

The Gunsmith 322

by J.R. Roberts

Clint Adams is asked to judge a high-stakes shooting competition in New Orleans, but when a gang of killers decides to shoot at living targets, the Gunsmith goes from judge to jury to executioner.

The Gunsmith 324: Ball and Chain

by J.R. Roberts

Clint discovers that delivering a package as a small favor for his friend Ned means big trouble. The parcel is a piece of art by Ned, who has quite a following-of gunmen. But those pursuing the Gunsmith will...

The Gunsmith 323: A Daughter's Revenge

by J.R. Roberts

Someone's been shooting at the GUNSMITH for a month-and missing. Turns out, the culprit is just a slip of a girl. Laura Kellogg thinks Clint killed her father, and she's out for payback. But when her sister...

The Gunsmith 379: The Devil's Collector

by J.R. Roberts


When Clint Adams walks into a saloon in Danehill, Arizona, all he wants is a cold beer, but his drink comes with a side of trouble. Riding into town after him is Jack Sonnet, a man who wants revenge...

Gunsmith 378: The Pinkerton Job

by J.R. Roberts


When a shootout leaves Pinkerton man Charlie Siringo and his tracker Tom Horn laid up in Las Vegas, they're lucky to be alive-and even luckier to bump into their old friend Clint Adams. Despite their...

Gunsmith #377: The Legend of El Duque

by J.R. Roberts



Wyoming rancher Bill Werter is in serious trouble when Texas fever claims a number of his cattle—including his prize bull, King. Now, he needs someone trustworthy to ride into Mexico...

Gunsmith #376: Trail to Shasta

by J.R. Roberts


When gold-mining legend Ed O’Neil asks his longtime friend Clint Adams for a favor, the Gunsmith can’t help but accept. Clint is charged with escorting Bride Shaughnessy—O’Neil’s young...

Gunsmith #374: Deadly Election

by J.R. Roberts


Someone’s been using a gun to cast his vote, killing eleven candidates for the United States congress over eight years. Exhausted in their search for the culprit, the Secret Service...