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SE: God's Promises for Your Every Need

by Jack Countryman & A. Gill

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of God's Promises--over 15 million sold--God's Promises for Your Every Need now features scripture in NKJV and a soft, richly colored leather-like casing. You will find comfort...

God's Promises for the Teacher

by Jack Countryman

Scripture promises from the New King James® Version offer timeless guidance and wisdom for teachers.

Every teacher is given the opportunity to touch the lives of students who they are privileged to influence...

The Promise of Christmas is Jesus

by Jack Countryman

This one-of-a-kind Christmas booklet will take readers on a voyage as they explore God’s promises for Christmas—from Genesis throughout eternity—that the Savior, Jesus, would come and that He will be with...

Something Beautiful for Mother

by Jack Countryman

A beautiful way to remind Mom that her love encourages the entire family! 

This charming Mother’s Day book offers uplifting words and Scripture to tell moms just how much they are loved and needed. Something...

The Power of God's Word for Fathers

by Jack Countryman

Be a father God’s way!

Scripture promises from the New King James Version offer timeless guidance and wisdom for fathers. This compilation of promises from God’s Word focuses on a father’s unique spiritual...

God's Wisdom for Your Marriage

by Jack Countryman

Make your marriage the best it can be by putting God at the center. 

Marriage is a beautiful blessing when husband and wife remain under God’s umbrella of wisdom and guidance. He holds answers to every challenge,...

God's Promises Devotional Journal

by Jack Countryman

A guided journal to lead you through the promises God has for every believer.

More than 20 of our leading Christian authors bring inspiration and encouragement every day of the year. Guided questions and commentary...

A Father God Blesses

by Jack Countryman

Scripture passages designed to encourage every father.

God’s Word offers help and blessings for every situation in life. In A Father God Blesses, dads will be uplifted by Scripture selections that speak to...

God's Promises for New Believers

by Jack Countryman

A new book for new believersùdestined to become a classic!

A new life in Christ is something to be celebrated. Brand-new believers are overflowing with excitement and anticipation about their new journey of...

100 Favorite Bible Verses for Mommy and Me

by Jack Countryman

What better way to bless a mother and child than with uplifting, comforting thoughts from God’s Word?

This collection offers 100 Bible verses from the International Children’s Bible® and New King James...

God's Best for a Father's Success

by Jack Countryman

This little volume offers a lot of solid wisdom for fathers.

Fathers need wisdom to lead their families well, and this inspiring gift book offers them the advice and encouragement they need. Memorable quotations...

God's Wisdom for Mothers

by Jack Countryman

The crown of a mother is found in her faithfulness and character as it’s reflected in her children.

God’s Wisdom for Mothers was created to give timeless wisdom and guidance for Scripture meditation and...

God's Answers for the Graduate: Class of 2013 - Brown

by Jack Countryman

The world is full of questions. God’s Word is full of answers. 

You’ve just graduated, and life as you’ve known it will never be the same. You’ll be faced with new and wonderful opportunities—as well...

The Hope of Christmas

by Jack Countryman

Paints the picture of God’s promises for Christmas—from the beginning of time and to all of eternity. 

Go on a journey . . . from the promise of the Messiah given to us in the Old Testament . . . to the...

Time With God For Mothers

by Jack Countryman

A Scripture-led devotional to encourage and bless time between mothers and the Lord.

Time with God for Mothers is filled with ninety devotions that encourage mothers to spend time on their relationship with...

God's Promises for Men NIV

by Jack Countryman

The timeless wisdom of God’s Promises, now available in the popular NIV translation.

God’s Promises for Men NIV is the perfect companion for men who desire to strengthen their spiritual walk. Scripture...

God's Promises for Graduates: Class of 2013 - Pink

by Jack Countryman

Encouragement and direction for a brand-new road in life. 

Embrace God’s powerful promises for you as you leave one road and set your course on another . . . exciting, new, and rich with opportunity. God’s...

God's Promises for the American Patriot - Soft Cover Edition

by Richard Lee & Jack Countryman

Embark on a journey to understand what God has done for America and who we are as a nation.

A new wave of American patriots and their fervor for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are reminiscent to...

God's Promises for Fathers

by Jack Countryman

Scripture promises from the New King James Version offer timeless guidance and wisdom for fathers.

This collection of parenting promises from God’s Word will uplift, comfort, and renew fathers by reminding...

God Listens

by Jack Countryman

God’s Word is the food of life for a Christian, and prayer is the breath.

Prayer is the most powerful spiritual tool available to a believer. Through an open heart and a willingness to be immersed in Scripture,...