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An Affair of the Mind

by Jacquelynn Luben

When Rosalind, an unfulfilled forty year old, observes the start of a romance, her mind takes off into flights of fancy and her thoughts are filled with the prospect of passionate encounters. But the outcome...

The Obsession

by Jacquelynn Luben

A young man enters a luxury flat from the window - with one objective - to steal what he can from the unknown occupant. But Andrew is not a conventional small-time criminal, and as he prepares to leave, he sees...

The Life Portrait

by Jacquelynn Luben

When Count Felipo's daughter, Ursula, becomes ill, her father is desperate to find a remedy, so much so that he is prepared to hire the artist who previously painted her portrait to transform the girl in the...

A Gift of Gold

by Jacquelynn Luben

Lucia is a voluptuous beauty, so who could imagine she would fall for Happy Jack, a middle-aged gambler and racketeer, with a wife and children? But fall she does, into a relationship going nowhere. After 20...

Tainted Tree

by Jacquelynn Luben

A surprise bequest from an unknown benefactor leads American adoptee, Addie Russell, to Surrey on a journey to discover more about her mysterious English family. She does not know that her search will uncover...

The Fruit of the Tree

by Jacquelynn Luben

'A tribute to her lost baby, and our crusade to find out why.' -The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths In Jacquelynn Luben's quest to have a family, she suffers the disappointment of miscarriage and the...

Damaged Goods

by Jacquelynn Luben

In England in 1939, Margaret (known as Peggy) and Tom are innocent sweethearts. Then comes a war, which affects the lives of everyone in the country, and which causes the young couple to part. When Tom is reported...

The Honey Hunters

by Jacquelynn Luben

Fiona, a novice journalist, is offered her first major story in an exotic location. To get the assignment, she must first hide and then conquer her worst fear. Fiona finds herself transformed by the warmth and...

The Green Girl

by Jacquelynn Luben

When a young man travelling on a misty night sees something strange ahead, he loses concentration and crashes his car. In his semi-conscious state an apparition comes to him. Is she there, or is he dreaming?...