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Slocum 289: Slocum at Devil's Mouth

by Jake Logan

Slocum looks for answers after his saddle partner comes to a bad end. Something very big and very dangerous is at stake, and the key is a lovely Russian duchess of many talents-and many lies.

Slocum 299: Slocum and the Bone Robbers

by Jake Logan

Slocum's in the middle of a blood feud--over bones.

When a lily-livered bone-doctor from back East sets his sights on dinosaur fossils that his colleague has already staked his claim to, Slocum must keep the...

Slocum #389: Slocum and the Big Timber Belles

by Jake Logan

Jasmine and Lydia Lorraine are a mother and daughter act touring the west-and the only survivors of a bloody attack. And without Slocum's help, the killer might just finish the job.

Slocum 429: Slocum and the Wanton Widows of Wolf Creek

by Jake Logan


While hunting elk in the Colorado Rockies, John Slocum hears a terrible explosion, followed by a frightening rumble. As he rides along the canyon, he comes upon the settlement of Wolf...

Slocum 428: Slocum and the Big Timber Terror

by Jake Logan

Caught in a snowstorm in the Cascade Range, Slocum tries to bed down in the heavy Oregon woods. But when he finds himself in the crosshairs of a pair of inhuman glowing eyes-accompanied by a terrifying screech...

Slocum #388: Slocum and the Bandit Cucaracha

by Jake Logan

He calls himself the Cockroach. Hated by the good and feared by the bad, this Mexican bandit's atrocities are downright ugly. Time to call in an exterminator-by the name of John Slocum.

Slocum 427: Slocum and the Pack of Lies

by Jake Logan


After a shootout in Harrison's Crossing takes their guide out of commission, Slocum finds himself the unlikely escort to a pair of helpless Easterners. Lily-livered writer Rory...

Slocum 426: Slocum and the Cheyenne Princess

by Jake Logan


Slocum is on the trail to Billings, Montana, with a load of farm equipment when his wagon train is attacked by a Cheyenne war party. Under siege, he kidnaps the chief's daughter, Snow, and holds...

Slocum 425: Slocum and the Redheaded Devil

by Jake Logan


When Slocum stops in the town of Pico Alto, Nevada, a late night at the saloon leads to a brutal encounter with a trio of thieves and ends when a redheaded angel brings him home to tend to...

Slocum #387: Slocum and the Ghost of Adam Weyland

by Jake Logan

Slocum finds himself protecting a man with a death wish. Dangerous barkeeps and shifty criminals all want a piece of the man Slocum must defend-and he knows better than anyone that bullets don't have names on...

Slocum 424: Slocum Buried Alive

by Jake Logan


Passing uneasily through the dried-up town of Espero, Texas, John Slocum learns soon enough that his apprehension is justified. After a not-so-friendly welcome at the Six Feet Under Saloon,...

Slocum #386: Slocum's Reward

by Jake Logan

Dangerous criminals are loose in Arizona Territory. After stumbling into a lucky arrest, John Slocum's eager to deal out justice by capturing all the gunslinging bandits in Phoenix for easy money. But Rupert...

Slocum 377: Slocum and the Four Seasons

by Jake Logan

SLOCUM's running hot and cold...

When Slocum gets his hands on some stolen silver, he slips into Tombstone hoping to enjoy his winnings peacefully. But that's not the case as he gets in the middle of a family...

Slocum 423: Slocum and the Rebel Canyon Raiders

by Jake Logan


A wanted man with no horse, a gun with only two bullets, and no hat to cover his head, John Slocum hopes with every passing day that he'll be forgotten by the law. After escaping a close call...

Slocum 422

by Jake Logan


These days, if it wasn't for bad luck, John Slocum would have no luck at all. He's got no horse and is only one step ahead of vicious bounty hunters-meaning that his only way out of San Diego...

Slocum 421: Slocum and the Kansas Slaughter

by Jake Logan


Upon the discovery of three mutilated corpses, John Slocum's potentially lucrative buffalo hunt through Kansas is put on hold. When Colonel Charles Bradford and his men arrive to claim the body...

Slocum 420: Slocum and the Beast of Fall Pass

by Jake Logan


Lately, John Slocum has been trying to avoid trouble and save a little money-but a gunslinger like Slocum can't stay out of the action for long. When two men are brutally mauled by an unseen...

Slocum 419: Slocum and the Darling Damsels of Durango

by Jake Logan


Slocum is on his way to Durango to see a man about a horse-four horses, in fact-when he watches a mining blast send a man to his death. In the distance he spies the distinctive shape of a woman...

Slocum #383: Slocum and the Trail to Tascosa

by Jake Logan

Slocum goes head to horns with a killer cattle man.

When Slocum rides into a booming cow town, he's too late to save his friend's life-but just in time to get revenge on the man who killed him.

Slocum 363: Slocum and the British Bully

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA