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Shiloh 1862

by James Arnold & Alan Perry

The first major battle in the Western theatre of the American Civil War, Shiloh came as a horrifying shock to both the American public and those in arms. For the first time they had some idea of the terrible...

Tet Offensive 1968

by James Arnold

The 1968 Tet Offensive was the decisive battle for Vietnam. Masterminded by the brilliant North Vietnamese General, Vo Nguyen Giap, it was intended to trigger a general uprising in South Vietnam. However, the...

Chickamauga 1863

by James Arnold

By the Autumn of 1863 the Confederacy was in dire straits. In a colossal gamble, Confederate President Jefferson Davis stripped forces from all the major Confederate armies to reinforce the Army of Tennessee...

US Commanders of World War II (2)

by James Arnold, Robert Hargis & Darko Pavlovic

This title, the second of two looking at US commanders of World War II, examines the combat careers, personalities, uniforms, dress and appearance of the key US naval and Marine commanders. These men played...

US Commanders of World War II (1)

by James Arnold, Robert Hargis & Darko Pavlovic

To be a successful commander requires experience, character, tenacity and boldness: the ability to establish a good rapport with both your staff and your men is also vital. The real test comes in combat though,...