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Albert's Boy

by James Graham

Features blackly humorous drama of Einstein's tortured conscience. This book is a thought-provoking drama addressing issues of 'yob' culture and the effects of bullying. It commemorates the World Year of Physics,...

Clouds Over the Vineyard

by James Graham

Many people have indulged in the thought that owning and running a vineyard would be one long holiday. What could be more romantic than growing your own grapes and turning them into bottles of the finest wine?...

The Whisky Taster

by James Graham

A contemporary, subtle and witty exploration of feeling and perception in the modern world of advertising. The Whisky Taster is James Graham's technicolour story about seeing things too clearly in a city that...

Eden's Empire

by James Graham

Fifty years ago, Britain propelled itself into a disastrous war in

the Middle East. Condemned by the UN and accused of falsifying

intelligence, the Prime Minister was left fighting for his political

life against...

This House

by James Graham

This country doesn't need a constitution, never has, never will. We have History as our guide. In tough times, the British do what we have always done. We muddle through.

This House is a timely and relevant political...

James Graham Plays: 1: A History of Falling Things, Tory Boyz, the Man, the Whisky Taster, Sons of York

by James Graham

This collection brings together four of Graham's most successful and entertaining plays, each representing a relationship with a theatre with which he has worked and introduced by the author. One of the plays,...

A History of Falling Things

by James Graham

A History of Falling Things is a gentle love story about a young man and woman forced to confront their fears of the outside world and discover what really matters to their lives.

The Angry Brigade

by James Graham

Its government has declared a vicious class war. A one-sided war . . . We have started to fight back . . . with bombs.

Against a backdrop of Tory cuts, high unemployment and the deregulated economy of 1970s Britain,...

Tory Boyz

by James Graham & Anthony Banks

I just remember, even as a, as a young . . . man, not even man, just a boy . . . when nothing makes sense, and you're not sure who you are . . . the idea of �� the strength of the person that stands alone,...

Contemporary English Plays: Eden¿s Empire; Alaska; Shades; A Day at the Racists; The Westbridge

by James Graham, DC Moore & Anders Lustgarten

Edited and introduced by leading cultural and theatre critic Aleks Sierz, this bold and urgent collection of contemporary plays by England's newest and most relevant young writers explores the various cultures...