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When the World Takes the Wind out of Your Sails

by James W. Moore

In the words of author James W. Moore: When the world takes the wind out of our sails and we feel down and out, we want someone to help us, to reassure us, to encourage us, to deliver us, to save us. We want...

Jesus' Parables About Discipleship

by James W. Moore

The sixth and final volume in James W. Moore's popular series

Daddy, Is That Story True, or Were You Just Preaching?

by James W. Moore

Popular author James W. Moore shares truth-stories that highlight important life lessons.

When You're a Christian...The Whole World Is From Missouri - with Leaders                 Guide: Living the Life of Faith in a "Show Me" World

by James W. Moore

James W. Moore says that just as Missouri is the "Show Me" state, this is a "show me" world, where talking a good game is not enough. Essentially, the world says to us, "If you're a Christian, then show me!"...

Celebrating the Gift of Marriage

by James W. Moore

As the title suggests, this brief, six-chapter book by popular author James W. Moore was written for the purpose of celebrating the gift of marriage. It provides marital inspiration and encouragement for all...

Everyday Prayers for Women

by James W. Moore

Filled with prayers especially written to encourage women, this collection will lead them in a time of spiritual growth and closeness with God. A perfect gift.

O Say Can You See

by James W. Moore

11 sessions. The way in which we (individually and collectively as a nation) view the world says a lot about our spiritual health. Moore uses eight passages from the book of Mark (along with other passages),...

I Hear Voices, and That's a Good Thing!

by James W. Moore

I Hear Voices...and That's a Good Thing! celebrates the voices of the Bible who continue, every day, to strengthen and encourage us when we not only hear but listen to them.

Have You Ever Seen a Hearse Pulling A Trailer?

by James W. Moore

James W. Moore, adapted from the Introduction: "All of our lives we have heard the saying, 'You can't take it with you when you go.' Recently I saw a creative bumper sticker that read, 'Have You Ever Seen a...

Attitude Is Your Paintbrush

by James W. Moore

Jim Moore's warm, conversational style inspires readers to transform negative, pessimistic attitudes into positive, optimistic attitudes centered on the love and hope of Jesus Christ. The book includes a study...

When Grief Breaks Your Heart

by James W. Moore

Every week there are members of your church who have experienced or are facing grief. Knowing what to do or how to help in these situations can be difficult. Pastors and church leaders are involved as supporters...

When All Else Fails...Read the Instructions with Leaders Guide: Read the Instructions

by James W. Moore

Jim Moore takes a close look at three sections of the Bible which dramatically underscore key ""instructions"" for living: 1. Instructions for Meaningful Living - The Beatitudes 2. Instructions for Moral Living...

Jesus' Parables of Grace

by James W. Moore

Parables studied are:

The Sower, the Seeds, and the Soils

The Prodigal Son

The Elder Brother

The Unjust Judge

The Good Samaritan

The Least of These

Christmas Gifts That Won't Break

by James W. Moore

What are the Christmas gifts that won't break? They are those gifts that cannot be lost, that never go out of style, and that are independent of the chances and changes of life. They are the gifts that have...

Do You Have Alligator Arms?  Embracing Life, Hope, and God

by James W. Moore

Popular author James W. Moore draws on an old football term to explore the ways people let their fear stand in the way of living life and loving God to the fullest. The term "alligator arms” refers to a would-be...

6 Amazing Bible Stories to Strangely Warm Our Hearts

by James W. Moore

In this 6-session study, Dr. Moore uses key scriptures that distinctively shape us as United Methodists. Each session also lifts up and uses core terms and life application topics taken from the Wesley Study...

You Can Get Bitter or Better!

by James W. Moore

All of us, at one time or another, face sorrow, grief, or loss-these challenges spare no one. The question is, How will we respond to these challenges? In this new edition of his uplifting book, James W. Moore...

What Do You Want for Christmas?

by James W. Moore

Author James W. Moore invites you to explore the question on a deeper level. Deep down, what do you really want for Christmas? Does your heart long for the gifts the Christ child brings the type of gifts that...

Lord, Give Me Patience, and Give It to Me Right Now!

by James W. Moore

Explores how the things that matter most take time, effort, and lots of patience

If God Is Your Co-Pilot, Swap Seats!

by James W. Moore

Jesus gave us the good news that if we make God our number-one priority, then everything else will fall into place, and our life will be full of joy, purpose, mission, meaning, and fulfillment.