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Yesterday's Gone

by Janice Kay Johnson

Tomorrow's a new beginning…

When a digitally aged photo of a girl named Hope Lawson is posted online, Bailey Smith can't deny the similarity to herself. But could she really be the same woman who was abducted...

The Word of a Child

by Janice Kay Johnson

On an ordinary day, in an ordinary neighborhood, a knock on the door of an ordinary house leads to an extraordinary revelation.Detective Connor McLean is the man who came to call, carrying with him a child's...

With Child

by Janice Kay Johnson

On a beautiful spring night Mindy Fenton went to bed thinking all was right in her world. Before it was over everything had changed—and not for the better.Mindy was awakened by Brendan Quinn with the news...

Whose Baby?

by Janice Kay Johnson

What do you do when the hospital makes a mistake?For the sake of her daughters can she marry a stranger? Lynn Chanak is living the nightmare every mother fears. There was a mix-up at the hospital. Her baby isn't...

To Love a Cop

by Janice Kay Johnson

She's sworn to protect her heart 

After what Laura Vennetti and her son have been through, she's avoided all contact with the police. Then her son brings detective Ethan Winter into their lives. Despite how...

Through the Sheriff's Eyes

by Janice Kay Johnson

Faith Russell refuses to be with a man who feels a sense of obligation toward her. Sure, she's been through some traumatic events that have left her a little shaky. That doesn't mean she needs Sheriff Ben Wheeler...

Taking a Chance

by Janice Kay Johnson

Jo Dubray doesn't think much of marriage, and she certainly doesn't plan to try it herself. But that doesn't mean she isn't interested in getting to know her new roommate's brother…After all, Ryan's recently...

Someone Like Her

by Janice Kay Johnson

Finding his mother is the only reason Adrian Rutledge would set foot in this backward place. In fact, he can't get out of town fast enough. At least, that's his attitude before Lucy Peterson works her magic...


by Janice Kay Johnson

Ann Caldwell doesn't know who she is. She doesn't really know what she is, either.

Growing up, she wanted just one thing--her father's approval. But she never got it. When she was little she was too much girl...

The Perfect Mom

by Janice Kay Johnson

The Perfect Mom by Janice Johnson released on Dec 27, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Open Secret

by Janice Kay Johnson

Carrie St. John: Wealthy, privileged and…adopted?The idea would be preposterous, except…Carrie has never truly felt she belonged. Now she has a sister who wants to meet her and a brother no one can find....

One Frosty Night

by Janice Kay Johnson

Unexpected Christmas plans 

Olivia Bowen would rather avoid this holiday season. Even her satisfaction at improving the family business doesn't make up for the loss of her beloved father and the sudden tension...

The New Man

by Janice Kay Johnson

The New Man by Janice Johnson released on Dec 27, 2010 is available now for purchase.

A Mother's Secret

by Janice Kay Johnson

Seems history has a nasty way of repeating itself for Daniel Kane. It's bad enough his mother harbored a secret about his heritage. Now his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Ballard is trying to do the same thing! Not on...

More Than Neighbors

by Janice Kay Johnson

Temptation is so close! 

To protect her son, Mark, Ciara Malloy has moved to this rural area in Washington. The new beginning is off to a rocky start, however, when Mark gets too familiar with Gabe Tennert's...

Mommy Said Goodbye

by Janice Kay Johnson

What would you think if one day your wife disappeared, and everyone believed you were responsible?How would you feel if the only thing that kept you from being arrested was your child's insistence that his mommy...

Maternal Instinct

by Janice Kay Johnson

A mother's wish:Give your child the life you didn't have More than anything, Officer Nell Granstrom wants to stop history from repeating itself. Born to a sixteen-year-old mother, Nell had her daughter, Kim,...

Match Made in Court

by Janice Kay Johnson

Matt Laughlin will do anything for his six-year-old niece. Hanna is his only relative, and he knows he can help her deal with their recent tragedy.

Getting custody of her, however, means challenging her aunt,...

The Man Behind the Cop

by Janice Kay Johnson

Being a big-city cop and being in control means everything to Bruce Walker. He knows how destructive a man can be when given the chance. That's why he's vowed never to get involved.

All that changes the moment...

Making Her Way Home

by Janice Kay Johnson

A child is missing. The words chill Detective Mike Ryan and bring to mind memories of his own tragedy.

He'll dedicate every resource he has until the girl Sicily is found, safe…and alive. His investigation hits...