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Yule Be Mine

by Jennifer LaBrecque

This is going to be a Christmas to remember for journalist Giselle Randolph! Especially when she meets her new photographer. Because she'll be working—in very close quarters—with the man she's lusted after...


by Jennifer LaBrecque

Subject: Paratrooper Lieutenant Colonel Mitch Dugan.

Current status: Confident. Disciplined. And aching with sexual need.

Mission: Chaperone the brigadier general's daughter.

Obstacle: Eden Walters: the very hot,...

Northern Renegade

by Jennifer LaBrecque

With a forced medical discharge and a recent divorce, Gunnery Sergeant Liam Reinhardt rolls his motorcycle into Good Riddance, Alaska. His plan? Hide out in the backwoods and nourish the big ol' chip on his...

Northern Fires

by Jennifer LaBrecque

He's too hot not to touch…

For construction foreman Sven Sorenson, Good Riddance, Alaska, is as close to heaven as it gets. It's the type of place where a man can be a man…. Unfortunately, there's one thing...

Northern Fascination

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Back in Georgia, Jenna Rathburne was known as just "the pretty blonde." But from crushing on the smartest boy in school (and being rejected by him) to starting her own business in Alaska, Jenna has always defied...

Northern Exposure

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Escaping the corporate rat race was the best thing Dalton Saunders ever did. Now he's living life at a breakneck speed as an Alaskan bush pilot, doing what he wants, when he wants. There's no adventure he hasn't...

Northern Escape

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Nobody in Good Riddance is wondering how world-class chef Augustina "Gus" Tippens ended up running the local diner. No, but everybody's dying to know the identity of the mysterious, sexy stranger who's eyeing...

Northern Encounter

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Native guide Clint Sisnuket is one of the hottest guys in Alaska! But he's managed to keep a close watch over his battered heart…until he meets Tessa Bellingham. In the independent videographer, Clint finds...

Nobody Does It Better

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Schoolteacher Holly Smith is on a mission. The objective? To find her long-lost mother. The setting? Venice, city of supersensuous delights. When an encounter with a suave, unbelievably tempting English tour...

Merry Christmas, Baby

by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jennifer LaBrecque & Rhonda Nelson

Who will you find under your Christmas tree?

A cowboy?

Ranch hand Tucker Rankin isn't crazy about the holidays…until a wintry night before Christmas, when Lacey Evans shows him how much fun it is to be nestled...

Kids + Cops = Chaos & Moonstruck

by Jennifer LaBrecque & Sandra Paul

Kids + Cops = Chaos by Jennifer LaBrecque

The lawman meets his match…

Detective Sloane Matthews has taken on some tough cases in his career, but this one is a beauty! His assignment—to infiltrate the chief...


by Jennifer LaBrecque

Bad boy Beau Stillwell was born with a need for speed. The reigning champ of Outlaw racing, Beau's always been a lightning rod for women—but not one of them has ever sent a real sizzle his way.

Until he meets...

Daring in the Dark

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Daring in the Dark by Jennifer LaBrecque released on Apr 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume V

by Leslie Kelly & Jennifer LaBrecque

Bestselling authors Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque will delight you with two steamy tales that prove that the best happily-ever-afters include great sex!

A Prince of a Guy by Leslie Kelly

Hunky rock-and-roller...

The Big Heat

by Jennifer LaBrecque

This big, bad bounty hunter can handle anything. Or can he?

Cade Stone can't believe Sunny Templeton. How did one sexy woman manage to get into so much trouble? Okay, so maybe she tried to take out a politician...


by Jennifer LaBrecque

Anticipation by Jennifer LaBrecque released on Feb 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Really Hot! (Mills & Boon Temptation)

by Jennifer LaBrecque

Rourke O'Malley can think of worse things than spending a few weeks surrounded by beautiful women–rich beautiful women, at that. After all, he's reality TV's newest bachelor, and he's going to enjoy it.


Better Than Chocolate... (Mills & Boon Temptation)

by Jennifer LaBrecque

The sexiest man Cricket Wilde never forgot, Tucker Manning, is now an assistant principal…

and her boss! One look at him and this science teacher is dying to test if that long-ago chemistry is still there....

Barely Mistaken (Mills & Boon Temptation)

by Jennifer LaBrecque


Librarian Olivia Cooper, daughter of the town drunk, will do almost anything to gain respectability–even marry wealthy, but oh-so-dull, Adam Rutledge. But the night of the local costume...

Barely Behaving (Mills & Boon Temptation)

by Jennifer LaBrecque

The moment veterinarian Niall Fortson spies Tammy Cooper sunbathing in the nude, he knows his new neighbor is naughty– and a knockout! With a bad reputation and a bad attitude, Tammy has trouble written all...