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by Jenny Alexander

Often children who are being bullied will try to disguise their feelings. Parents may feel helpless and want help and guidance, both to protect their child and to encourage their child’s self-esteem to recover...

Bullies, Bigmouths and So-Called Friends

by Jenny Alexander

Most books about bullying tell children how to act without addressing how they feel. But the usual advice to 'ignore it' or 'say something smart' is doomed to fail, as you can't act brave and confident if you...

When a Writer Isn't Writing: How to Beat Your Blocks, Be Published and Find Your Flow

by Jenny Alexander

Whether you're a new writer or published author, there will be times when you can't get started, can't keep going or feel like giving up altogether. Every writer and every block is different; there isn't a one-size-fits-all...

Writing in the House of Dreams: Creative Adventures for Dreamers and Writers

by Jenny Alexander


Part essay, part memoir, part practical writing guide, this unique book from veteran author and creative tutor Jenny Alexander is designed to help writers energise their writing by tapping into their dreams,...


by Jenny Alexander

Jess's big brother Seb has killed himself and Jess isn't talking. Her parents are angry, her teachers are worried and her best friend Lexi is looking around for a new best friend. And then there's the business...

The Binding

by Jenny Alexander

When Jack and his family arrive on the remote, blustery Scottish island of Morna, the whole summer holiday seems doomed... until they find the den. The three children who claim it are the only other children...