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Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry II

by Jie Jack Li & E.J. Corey

The up-to-DATE guide to name reactions in heterocyclic chemistry

Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry II presents a comprehensive treatise on name reactions in heterocyclic chemistry, one of the most exciting-and...

Modern Organic Synthesis in the Laboratory

by Jie Jack Li, Chris Limberakis & Derek A. Pflum

Searching for reaction in organic synthesis has been made much easier in the current age of computer databases. However, the dilemma now is which procedure one selects among the ocean of choices. Especially...

Laughing Gas, Viagra, and Lipitor: The Human Stories behind the Drugs We Use

by Jie Jack Li

The stories behind drug discovery are fascinating, full of human and scientific interest. This is a book on the history of drug discovery that highlights the intellectual splendor of discoverers as well as the...

Blockbuster Drugs: The Rise and Decline of the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Jie Jack Li

For the worlds largest prescription drug manufacturers, the last few years have been a harrowing time. Recently, Pfizers Lipitor, GlaxoSmithKlines Advair, AstraZenecas Seroquel, and Sanofi-Aventis and Bristol-Myers...

Top Drugs: History, Pharmacology, Syntheses

by Jie Jack Li

Drugs like Lipitor, Plavix, Taxol, and Zoloft are integral in todays medicinal world. These widely used products save lives and improve the quality of lives, playing a crucial role in everything from cholesterol...

Triumph of the Heart: The Story of Statins

by Jie Jack Li

Over 25 million people in the U.S. alone have benefited from statins--such drugs as Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, Pravachol, and other cholesterol-lowering medicines--in preventing stroke, heart attack, and other...