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Bogey This!: Garfield's Guide to Golf

by Jim Davis

Garfield brings his trademark humor to the world of hole-in-one shots, bogeys, wedges, and irons in this new little book for golfers.

For You, With Love: Garfisms of Affection

by Jim Davis

Sure, Garfield is sassy, cynical, and sarcastic, but he has his softer side too. This book takes a lighthearted look at love through the eyes of the world’s funniest feline.

Party Now, Age Later!

by Jim Davis

Garfield, the original party animal, believes in aging disgracefully. In this festive book, the fun-loving fat cat gets cake-faced in a raucous celebration of birthdays.

I'd Like Mornings Better If They Started Later

by Jim Davis

For the world’s sleepiest cat, waking up is hard to do. This book shows why Garfield can’t get up for mornings. To him, “Good Morning” is a contradiction in terms.

Garfield's Top Ten Tom(cat) Foolery

by Jim Davis

Garfield lets the fur fly in this outrageous collection of witty, wacky top ten lists. Ideal for collectors, gift-givers, and people with really short attention spans!

I Can't Think Now...I'm Working

by Jim Davis

Stand back! Garfield could flip his lid at any minute in this zany look at the world of work. In this little book, Garfield has all the answers…unfortunately, he misfiled them!

Have You Booted Your Computer Today?

by Jim Davis

Garfield, everyone's favorite cartoon cat, brings his trademark humor to the world of megabytes, modems, and mouses (yuck!), with hilarious results.

Out-Of-Shape Beats No Shape At All

by Jim Davis

Exercise, one of Garfield’s favorite spectator sports, gets worked over in this tribute to life in the fat lane.  Of course, Garfield isn’t lazy…he’s just motivationally challenged.

Garfield Predicts: Fearless Forecasts for a Brave New Millennium

by Jim Davis

What will the new millennium hold? Will Mondays be eliminated? Will hairball hacking become an Olympic event? Find out as Garfield cranks up his crystal ball to make some preposterous predictions for a brave...

So Many Candles...So Little Lung Capacity

by Jim Davis

Garfield’s not getting older…he’s just naturally crotchety. The curmudgeonly cat puts n his bifocals and looks at geezers, wheezers, and the chronically challenged in this oddball ode to aging.

Save the Rivers, Rain Forests, and Ravioli: Garfield Goes Green

by Jim Davis

Make lunch, not landfills! In this eco-friendly guide for the environmentally challenged, Garfield offers tips and quips for pampering the planet.

Never Accept a Gift with Air Holes: Garfields Holiday Tips & Quips

by Jim Davis

And beware of neighbors bearing fruitcake, too! Garfield celebrates the season with a heaping helping of holiday humor. This charming little book, a perfect stocking stuffer, is sure to make your days merry...

The Best Things in Life Are...EDIBLE!

by Jim Davis

Garfield knows: “Diet” is a four-letter word. In this little book, the world’s favorite fat cat shares his philosophy of life: To thine own stomach be true.

Give Me Coffee and No One Gets Hurt!

by Jim Davis

The eyelids go up when the coffee goes down! Make the bean scene with java junkie Garfield in this little book guaranteed to perk up your day!