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Want Me

by Jo Leigh

Trading Card: Nate Brenner

Occupation: Humanitarian architect.

Marry, date or one-night stand: Definitely a one-night stand!

His secret passion: Travel. Making a difference. And redheads.

Warning: Don't be fooled...

Truth or Dare

by Jo Leigh

Megan Hodges is going to splurge on a gift for herself. Tired of waiting to meet Mr. Right, she's going to find a man for the night while on vacation. A bad boy, the kind of guy you wouldn't dare bring home...

The Trouble With Twins

by Jo Leigh

When Shelby Lord went in search of her birth mother, the trail led to the Texas ranch of Gray Jackson. She arrived to find Gray struggling to care for adorable but rambunctious four-year-old twins. Gray had...

Tangled Sheets

by Jo Leigh



It had started as a dare. Maggie Beaumont was going to finally do the wild thing with her fiancé. At a masquerade party, no less—in costume who would know? Except somehow...

Single Sheriff Seeks...

by Jo Leigh



Bachelor of the month—Dan Collins

This sexy single sheriff has been set up! The entire town of Harlen, Texas, is playing matchmaker—and Dan hasn't a clue!

Annie Jones had to admit Dan's...


by Jo Leigh

Welcome to the Crider Inn, one of the most haunted spots in Colorado, and the venue for this year's ghostly convention. Mingle with fellow fans. Be prepared for a week of unexpected encounters and spine-tingling...

Sexy Ms. Takes

by Jo Leigh

Starting off the New Year with a bang!

Ms. Cast: Actress Bella Lacarie is looking for her shot at stardom—but ends up nearly getting shot! Good thing Detective Delicious is there…especially once he pulls...

Sensual Secrets

by Jo Leigh

Good Girl!

Amelia Edwards needs to get a life—a sex life to be exact! She's living in the Big Apple where she's supposed to be meeting all kinds of single, gorgeous men. Instead she's spending too much time...

Scent of a Woman

by Jo Leigh

Her scent intrigued him…

Arousing. Exciting. Those words and more fit the woman David Levinson met purely by chance at the scarf counter. Susan was sunshine, flowers, silkiness and sex… and David ached to...


by Jo Leigh

Seth Turner is a soldier without a battle. He's lost his left hand under the knife of Dr. Harper Douglas—and now he feels broken. Being secreted in a safe house with the gorgeous doc only adds to his pain....


by Jo Leigh

Desperate times—

Brilliant chemist Tamara Chen can't believe the wild desire she feels for ex-Delta Force operative Nate Pratchett, especially with their lives on the line. But his strong body offers her the...

Quick, Find a Ring!

by Jo Leigh

Three Weddings & a Hurricane

She Hid Her Secret Well…

The world knew Bentley Brewster as Mrs. Carter DeHaven, and that suited her fine. She could face her relatives—even her mother!—knowing she'd be safe from...

Perfect Timing

by Julie Kenner, Nancy Warren & Jo Leigh

What if the best sex you ever had was…

200 years ago?

After breaking off her engagement, Natalie Bowman finds herself in the 1800s being auctioned off as a sex slave! She's even more shocked when the highest...

One Wicked Night

by Jo Leigh


Life for researcher Emma Roberts was, well, dull as dishwater. So when she won a trip to sultry, romantic New Orleans she decided to live it up with…


Michael Craig made Emma feel...

The One Who Got Away

by Jo Leigh

Taylor Hanson has never forgotten the sizzling hot weekend she shared with Ben Bowman, her brother Steve's best buddy. But Ben left town abruptly and Taylor has never gotten over him. When they reunite for Steve's...

Not-So-Secret Baby

by Jo Leigh


The empty crib, the warning note—Jenny Granger recognized the signs that her secret life had been discovered. To save her son, she became the willing captive of a man arrogantly convinced...

Ms. Taken

by Jo Leigh

Single female in love with the boss. Please return favor…

This is the ad secretary Jane Dobson secretly wanted to place in "The Personal Touch!" column. Instead, shy but sexy Charles Warren had her tracking...

Ms. Match

by Jo Leigh

Waking up in a hotel room next to a nearly naked Gwen Christopher is a shocker for Paul Bennet.

Hmm, one too many the night before? After all, he's rich, successful and looks more like one of his movie-star clients...

Minute by Minute

by Jo Leigh

Minute by Minute by Jo Leigh released on Feb 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Love So Tender

by Stephanie Bond, Jo Leigh & Joanne Rock

It's now or never

These three women can't help falling in love… Vegas style

Gracie Sergeant hires black-haired, sultry Steve Mulcahy as the new "Elvis" for her Las Vegas wedding chapel—not realizing he's an...