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Not Another Blind Date...

by Janelle Denison, Leslie Kelly & Jo Leigh

These Valentine's Day dates have all the markings of blind-date disaster! Or do they?

Skin Deep by Janelle Denison

Who says nice girls can't have fun? Jayne does—dirty dancing and a lot more!—with a hot bad...

Trouble With Twins

by Jo Leigh

When Shelby Lord went in search of her birth mother, the trail led to the Texas ranch of Gray Jackson. She arrived to find Gray struggling to care for adorable but rambunctious four-year-old twins. Gray had...

Going For It

by Jo Leigh

Dr. Jamie Hampton talked sex—and all of Manhattan listened. She had the hottest nighttime radio show. Her racy topics and sizzling innuendo made Jamie the number one topic around water coolers all over the...

Lying in Bed

by Jo Leigh

Get Intimate: The Workshop

Explore sensuality and true intimacy at the luxurious Color Canyon Resort.

Private assignments include sexy "homeplay" and more…

The setup was simple. To ferret out a blackmailer, FBI...

Hot and Bothered

by Jo Leigh


Stockbroker Lee Phillips figures she had it all. Great job, gorgeous home, okay body. Hmm, two cats for company…and far too many nights sleeping alone. Where was Mr. Right in this picture?...

Blogger Bundle Volume I: Dear Author Selects Unusual Heroines

by Jo Leigh, Kathleen O'Reilly & Kay David

A mathematician. A firefighter. A lawyer. A former addict. Four of the most unusual heroines you'll ever meet find love in this bundle of books hand-picked by Jane of! Bundle includes: Arm Candy...

Sexy Ms. Takes

by Jo Leigh

Starting off the New Year with a bang!

Ms. Cast: Actress Bella Lacarie is looking for her shot at stardom--but ends up nearly getting shot! Good thing Detective Delicious is there...especially once he pulls...


by Jo Leigh

A vicious storm. Trees and power lines are down. A sick, pregnant young woman walks into E.R.--alone and about to give birth. Dr. Rachel Browne saves the baby. The mother isn't so lucky....

E.R. chief Dr. Guy...

Barely Decent & The One Who Got Away

by Jennifer LaBrecque & Jo Leigh

Barely Decent by Jennifer LaBrecque

Phoebe Matthews plans to inspire her boyfriend to propose by arranging a romantic Caribbean holiday. And her best friend, Ryan, and his girlfriend will come, too. But they...

Seduce Me

by Jo Leigh

Trading Card: Max Dorset 

Occupation: Lawyer…professional shark 

Secret Passion: Good girls with a naughty side! 

It's archivist/movie-buff Natalie Gellar's very first Hot Guys Trading Card event. And boy,...

Definitely Naughty

by Jo Leigh

Single Gal Seeks Naughty Inspiration

Aubrey Hayes @windowUndresser

Window dressing at Le Muse lingerie = best job ever. LOVE. But must design The Ultimate Window Display Of Hot Sex before Xmas. #panic 24h

A Hot...


by Jo Leigh

Seth Turner is a soldier without a battle. He's lost his left hand under the knife of Dr. Harper Douglas—and now he feels broken. Being secreted in a safe house with the gorgeous doc only adds to his pain....

To the Limit

by Jo Leigh

Subject: Captain Sam "Jaws" Brody

Mission: Test his limits…and push hers!

Air force pilot Sam Brody's posting at Holloman AFB is a new start…and a brutal reminder that he'll never fly again. The bright side?...

All the Right Moves

by Jo Leigh

Subject: Captain John "Devil" Devlin

Mission: Tempt his target…and seduce her!

They don't call air force captain John Devlin the "Devil" for nothing. He lives for high-risk maneuvers, both in the cockpit and...


by Jo Leigh

Becky McCullough: Once she'd shared her bed, her children, her world, with Mike. Though their marriage had ended, she'd never stopped caring about him….

Mike McCullough: He'd thought the worst was over when...

Single Sheriff Seeks...

by Jo Leigh



Bachelor of the month—Dan Collins

This sexy single sheriff has been set up! The entire town of Harlen, Texas, is playing matchmaker—and Dan hasn't a clue!

Annie Jones had to admit Dan's...

One Wicked Night

by Jo Leigh


Life for researcher Emma Roberts was, well, dull as dishwater. So when she won a trip to sultry, romantic New Orleans she decided to live it up with…


Michael Craig made Emma feel...

Want Me

by Jo Leigh

Trading Card: Nate Brenner

Occupation: Humanitarian architect.

Marry, date or one-night stand: Definitely a one-night stand!

His secret passion: Travel. Making a difference. And redheads.

Warning: Don't be fooled...

The Cowboy Wants a Baby

by Jo Leigh

Isabella Trueblood made history reuniting people torn apart by war and an epidemic. Now, generations later, Lily and Dylan Garrett carry on her work with their agency, Finders Keepers. Circumstances may have...

Have Me

by Jo Leigh

Trading Card: Jake Donnelly

Occupation: Really, really sexy cop

Marry, Date or One-Night Stand: One night…and totally worth it!

His secret passion: For him to know, and you to find out

Warning: Zero commitment....