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Armchair Nation: An intimate history of Britain in front of the TV

by Joe Moran

But what does your furniture point at?' asks the character Joey in the sitcom Friends on hearing an acquaintance has no TV. It's a good question: since its beginnings during WW2, television has assumed a central...

On Roads: A Hidden History

by Joe Moran

In this history of roads and what they have meant to the people who have driven them, one of Britain's favourite cultural historians reveals how a relatively simple road system turned into a maze-like pattern...

Queuing for Beginners: The Story of Daily Life from Breakfast to Bedtime

by Joe Moran

Why do so many people go on about queuing? Have we always been obsessed with traffic? And why do so many of us now eat lunch at our computers - al desko? We spend our days catching buses and trains, writing...

Reading the Everyday

by Joe Moran

In an ever-growing field of study, this is a major contribution to one of the key areas in cultural studies and cultural theory - the spaces, practices and mythologies of our everyday culture.

Drawing on the...